WikiMeet 2021-01-06

TimurIsmagilov & LionKimbro talked for about an hour and a half on 2021-01-06.

We talked about many things, but the basic thrust was:

From there, there were two lines of thought:

Along the way, we also discussed InternetOfficeHours as a concept, our respective programming language journeys, and about different programming philosophies.

Notes from our Discussion

Why are we here?

We started with WikiRevival.

“What’s so important about wiki?”

(Lion TODO: Include links to topics we’ve written about this for, and how information refines over time.)

Why don't people use wiki?

The issue of:

We discussed some WikiLike things like:

Interactive Systems

Then we talked about the possibility of using a InteractiveSystem?, a graphical system, that people like and feel comfortable with. Lion recounted the argument he gave to Alex on page (TODO: insert page title here).

We discussed Ward’s FederatedWiki, though our problem with that is “We can’t figure out howto edit it.” TODO: ask Ward how to edit SmallFederatedWiki.

We discussed half-way measures – so when you press Ctrl-B, it puts WikiMarkup around a section of text. “Half-way interactive.”

We discussed Image Galleries in MycoMarkup

“It would be easy to create an interactive system for the creation and insertion of, for example, these galleries.” It’s simple to create a tool, that dialogs with the user, and then spits out the markup, and the text is in the simple TextEditor.

The concept of using an Object block (“I don’t know how to render this”) within an interactive environment. Handling codes that are not understood.

Makepad and WebAssembly

WebAssembly? can be used for implementing such a system. See for an example. GitHub:

Check if your browser supports it by visiting

“Makepad is a creative software development platform for Rust that compiles to wasm/webGL, osx/metal, windows/dx11 linux/opengl”

HalfVisualEditor – the name for this kind of a hybrid system, where it’s flexible because anything that can be done in text can be done with it, and it’s easily extended by programmers, and not requiring all of the consistencies and work of a full on editing environment.

Internet Office Hours?

We discussed names --

“The concept of “office hours” for business goes back to a universal ritual from our college days. We’d take classes with professors who were busy, distracted from teaching with research in the lab or the library, and otherwise remote and unapproachable. But we knew that for a couple of hours, at least one day a week, we could stop by their office, ask for advice, try out an idea, and get the guidance we needed.” – Bill Taylor, "Should You Hold Office Hours?", 2009-12-02

Should Lion Get Over His Hatred of JavaScript?



Things that have changed:

“You should note that your opinion is based on Javascript in 2003.”

“You know what else was popular?” “…” “PHP.” “Oh, it’s a great language!”

Apparently, the last 7th version of PHP is very good and very fast as well.


JavaScript can be bad, but you don’t really have to use it that lot because HTML and CSS do a lot of hard work already. DSLs rock.

Brief History of Lion's programming

Elegant Objects

Timur advocated for exploration of “Elegant Objects”:

His code includes:

EoLang? by Yegor Bugayenko is an implementation of a language which encourages ElegangObjects? ideas:

Aiming for declarative programming.

Timur's Path

Lion's secret programming techniques

Some notations:

5 ->X 10 ->Y TL BR 5 FEATHER

"frffrfrffr" — rectangle (1x2)
"frflffrffflffflffffffflfff" (a particular rectilinear curve)

for c in s:
    if c == "f": turtle.fd(10)
    elif c == "r": turtle.rt(90)
    elif c == "l":    

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