WikiMeet 2021-06-06

Again, just as on WikiMeet 2021-05-06, no LionKimbro. Just a Russian-speaking meeting with a bias towards MycorrhizaWiki.


Two approaches to wiki organization

Flat and tree. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Seems like flat wikis work better for public wikis.

Forward indeces

ForwardIndex is handy, but categories are nice too.

What about combination of forward indeces and automatic category pages? Like, on the category hypha you list the category’s hyphae like on a forward index. If the engine finds any other hyphae in the category, it just writes them to the bottom.

Mycorrhiza would really benefit from categories. Here are some syntaces we could use:

tag {
    tag 1
    tag 2
categories {
    category 1
    category 2

The option with cat was rejected because it is not intuitive.

Tag or tags? Category or categories? Do we use singular or plural? We didn’t discuss that.

New media tags

video {}
audio {}
media {}

In addition to `img {}`. Right now, you can only transclude (Mycorrhiza:Feature/Transclusion) video and audio and cannot place them directly, like with images.


Mycorrhiza uses Git (Mycorrhiza:Integration/Git) for history tracking because it is good enough. Nevertheless, one day, a better-suited VCS will be needed. We couldn’t find one.

It is easy to back up this wiki:

Git it is not very suitable for wiki tasks. We can store diffs in sqlite3, backup wiki with something like rsync and make commits and pushes on github with third-party scripts once per day (or hour).


MiniCubes are fun but are hard to read. What about having something like that in Mycorrhiza? What about the maps from LionsBook?

How are Git commits stored

Demo wiki

Demo wiki where you can learn basics and test functions and plugins. Returns back to initial state every hour.

Cool time

GiTea? is too heavy. Alternatives? SourceHut?? Cgit? They don’t seem to support GitHub mirroring.

Gemini support on mycorrhiza wiki is not used by anyone.

Tested Mailoji ( It kinda works but is overall useless.

Looked at domain names, tried to find good ones for Gualse and Dan. Didn’t find any.

Dan is thinking about getting a new nickname. We couldn’t think of any.


Define external redirect: GuAlSe SourceHut GiTea

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