WikiMeet 2021-07-06

For two and a half hours TimurIsmagilov was editing a wiki called [[Pescenomicon?]] while streaming it to DrCheems? and GuAlSe?.

We did nothing else and we talked in Russian.

new: 2021-07-09 15:12 UTCAlex Schroeder: I still appreciate your regular wiki meet posts! 😀

new: 2021-07-09 16:27 UTCTimurIsmagilov: The meetings would be much more fun if you came!

new: 2021-07-09 16:27 UTCTimurIsmagilov: I liked Felix’s article and I have a feeling that they should join CommunityWiki!

The article mentions many people using Org files. Yeah, they really use Org mode! I suppose these people like having access to these files from just one computer or burdening themselves with syncing these files across multiple systems instead of choosing a client-server solution. Never understood them.

I remember when I first announced MycorrhizaWiki in some Emacs chat, some people asked me: Will it support Org mode? I said yes, because I thought it was great to support multiple markups. A year later, I’m strongly convinced that there should be only one markup (and there is — Mycorrhiza:Mycomarkup) and I suppose that no Org-mode-Emacs-edit-text-file fan would leave their comfortable environment for a wiki.

Alex, you use Emacs. Do you like Org mode? I never bothered myself to learn it during my Emacs days, actually.

new: 2021-07-09 15:12 UTCAlex Schroeder: I was never into Org Mode. I have a simple file in my home directory which I like to use for two reasons:

  • automatic folding: when you open the file, you only see the headers, each of them being a topic
  • you can archive each topic individually, moving it to an archive file

Org Mode is for people that want a local wiki, a note taking format, an agenda, a todo list; but I’m interested in a content management system where I can publish text online, get comments, edits, a community.


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