WikiMeet 2021-09-09

WikiMeet 2021-09-09


Lion’s got quite a fancy board that he writes on.

Lion has explained why he is not active on CommunityWiki:



Two types of FS:

Synthetic file-systems:

Associative model of data (in relation to NLSD)

(A) (a link can only have exactly two entities involved) Discussion: link between <caller:Person> <calee:Person> DiscussionPlace?: link between <Discussion> <Location>

(B) (a link can have at least one entity, possible multiple) Discussion: link between <caller:Person> <calee:Person> <location:Location>

CiprianCraciun? and Lion talked quite a bit about data modeling, which was written about afterwards here:


Define external redirect: DiscussionPlace CiprianCraciun