Wiki migration is the act of moving a wiki or a set of pages from a wiki to another wiki. This is a requirement for a MotherWiki, and a tool to build HubAndSpokeWikis.


A table similar to the hitchhiker's guide to wikilandia but not on the syntax- but on the wiki-engine-level. What is compatible with what engine and what can be migrated into what engine, how and how difficult is it, links. A list similar to a distance table in an atlas, listing wiki-engines hoizontally and vertically and you read where they cross if they can be migrated into the other. The classical diagonal line of x'es for you do not migate engine into themself ;). I would need some help with the table, no idea how to do that. 10 x 10 for the beginning.

Mattis, what if as the "language" of that table we were to use the groupings and names suggested by the existing XHTML modules, as I'm beginning to flesh out on PlanBWikiModules? The idea there is that beyond a "core" set of wiki features (supported by all wiki, in theory), all other markup features would be collected into groups or modules and given names. Then, each wiki would have a row in the table, with an 'x' in each column if they supported a given feature set, such as tables, images, lists, etc. Would this work? If not, what would be needed? (or perhaps I'm not understanding what you're trying to accomplish)