The wiki module is an extension of RSS 2.0, just like ModWiki is an extension of RSS 1.0.

Namespace Declaration

This is the URL that tool writers will refer to in their code.


    <rss version="2.0"

The prefix ("wiki") used is up to the producers of the RSS feed, although using "wiki" might make it easier on tool authors that don't implement XML namespaces.

The URL is for the namespace used in ModWiki. As long as the semantics don't change, I think we should keep using that URL, since existing tools don't have to be changed.

Channel Elements


The InterWiki moniker you prefer others to use for your wiki.



Item Elements


RSS 2.0 has an author element which is required to be an email address; on wikis these don't usually exist. Instead, we have a username. The username may be a hostname or an IP number if a username is not available.



Open Issue: As an alternative, we could remove this element and say that we want to use the DC namespace.

Add the DC namespace:


Example usage:


It is not clear how this will make the module easier to use. Seems like overengineering to me. So we'll stick with the username.


Indicate whether the page is new or updated.




Indicate whether the change is major or minor.




The page version that was the reason for this item.



This is interesting for agents that retrieve the full content. Knowing the version, they can archive the document history.

The RSS 2.0 link does not have to point at this particular version of the page. By the time a user follows the link, that version may no longer be the current one. In this case the version element may be not only useless but misleading.


A URL that points to the history of the wiki page.




A URL that points to the diff of the wiki page. The wiki may or may not include the rest of the page when showing the diff.



If your RSS 2.0 link points to the current revision of the page, then the last diff available for the page should be shown.

If your RSS 2.0 link points to a particular revision of the page, then the last diff leading to that particular revision should be shown.


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