lion: “Mattis, you’re right on the money when you say that money is nothing but agreements. And Helmut is right on the money when he says, “yes, and thus you need community.” To support those agreements.
So, it would seem that what follows is making community.
Which… …we’re the Community Wiki, so it works out quite nicely. :)

sigi: “not only community wiki . our country is wikilandia, world wide wiki . the hivemind is to come to a consense .”

RainerWasserfuhr: Another idea: Treat each page of a wiki like a virtual bank account. Each wiki member can transfer money between pages. The FrontPage defines the total amount of money of the wiki. Suggestion: Start with 10.000.000 units. So each user page of a CommunityMember is a bank account. The initial amount could reflect the “value” of the contributions of a member. First estimates:

(I only occasionally followed CommunityWiki in the last years - others might be better qualified to make fair estimates)

The CommunityWikiAssembly can define rules for transfering WikiMoney. For example:

WikiMoney should support a GiftEconomy: Members intrinsically donate for valuable contributions.

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