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This experiment aims to let the community visualize its own WikiNet activity in real time.

This experiment is part of a project described on MeatBall:FractalAggregator

Current visualizations

  1. "colors are people"
  2. "colors are page names or words"

How to read the grids?

  1. the last change is top left of each grid
  2. browse with the mouse / right click to open in a new tab
  3. colors may be change by people

Current page for customization

  1. "colors/people"
  2. "colors/page names & words"

(The customization page has no RecentChanges features for the moment)

Current RSS feeds

(please update below what you’ve change on the customization page)

"colors are people"

"colors are page names or words"

  1. (RecentFarChangesRss? made by using xfruits, to be improved)

Current names /colors

(please update bellow what you’ve change on the customization page)


VisualLanguage, InformationVisualization, GroupUserInterface


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