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I have to say that I’m quite impressed by Olivier Auber's collection of multicolored stamps. It is rss-driven. You could visualize the ongoings in the surrounding wiki-net using it. It does it already pretty good actually.

Ok, from WikiNet perspectives, this visualization is really neat. You can see the different places where MattisManzel is currently active by looking for the Salmon-pink-colored blocks. Interesting.

OOOOOooooohhhhhh!!! So that’s what the colors mean!

I’ve been seeing these things for like, a year, and I’ve never understood them!

The colors are people!

I get it!

That had never been clear to me. I always saw these and thought, “Well, what’s this? I don’t get it at all.”

Yes obviously. That’s what the colors mean. I hadn’t got it myself yet, Sam had to say it. Look at it and try to remember how it felt like before you understood. Quite a difference, isn’t it?

In this case The colors are people!. Lion, you have a kind of green-blue, but your may change it here;-).

It could be also tags or text… For instance here, colors are Barcamp/Mashpit locations or themes. In this Wikipedia Watchlist Visualization project, colors are either page names, people, or text… BTW Sam, the RSS feed of your blog was broken for a moment. Do you have another site/feed to suggest???

Very neat, thanks.

Hi Bayle, thanks for editing the WikiNet Aggregator. Maybe, a special page WikiNetAggregator could help everybody to participate in the experiment. Mattis, Lion, Sam and Bayle, will you help me?

Added the daypage-sand-wiki but it doesn’t show up yet. Exciting. Things on the talk (called Blog here) that don’t turn a regular wiki-page within seven days don’t make it anyhow. So I moved things a little. ;)

(copied from EN/BarCampBank/HansWobbe)

HansWobbe said: By the way, I am quite impressed by the way you are promoting the FractalAggregator. I have even tried to register, but the original confirming email message got erased by our spam filters, and I have been unable to get any response from the site regarding how I should try to get at the account.

Thanks Hans, but I am quite axious if you really feel that I’m “promoting” it. Am I so awkward? The FractalAggregator is not a commercial product. I’m just proposing a kind of philosophical experiment to some wiki communities I’m involved in. What will happen? I really don’t know (you may think I’m inconsistent ;-)) The global view of Fractalwiki is here. About registration… hum, is this explanation not clear? You may also make your own visual aggregator from scratch here by choosing any login/psw you want (no email confirmation needed). Sorry for the UI, it’s only a prototype…--OlivierAuber

Olivier … Please do not feel ‘anxious’ or ‘awkward’. I have seen more than enough of your contributions to have some respect for our opinions. So, seeing you adopt this simply gives me some comfort that it more likely to be of sufficient value to be worth a closer look. I will try again to set one up given the additional information you have kindly provided. This may have to wait until the end of the month though, since I am just getting ready to start travelling. Thanks for your help.

  • P.S. I am sad that my French is quite weak. Is there an english version of this material that will allow me to make progress more quickly? – HansWobbe

Hans, thanks, I feel more comfortable ;-) Some weeks ago, I started an effort to translate all the material available about the poietic/fractal/aggregator/generator and the Digital Perpective onto MeatBall:FractalAggregator, but my english is quite weak also. So it will probably take time. I don’t know who might help? I will do my best. Have a nice trip --OlivierAuber


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