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Technical Relationship

The primary differences between blogs and wiki are the UserInterface.

As we build a deeper technical bed, we will still find it useful to separate the UserInterface for the concept of a “blog” and the concept of a “wiki.”

Sort of like: Books and newspapers still rely on the technology of paper. Just because we have paper, doesn’t mean that books will become newspapers, or newspapers will become books. They are still very different things, regardless of underlying technical similarities (paper.)

Techniques like OneBigSoup:LocalNames are making it easy to merge between them, and the deeper necessary technical bedding to support blogs and wikis similarly, or even run off the same code base, is already appearing.

Blogs, Wiki, and Change Failures

A ChangeFailure is when things are changing much faster than their support documentation can keep up.

Wiki are vulnerable to change-failure in a way that Blogs are not. A blog is pure chronological. The past is expected to be all messed up. But wiki are like enormous floating islands in time. A rupture to a core assumption of the wiki can necessitating hoards of changes, deletions, new pages to pages and maps of pages.

On a blog, this is not necessary because old news is clearly marked as old news. Wikis, on the other hand, live in the long WikiNow. They pretend that every page and every contribution is “current”. Thus, the problem is unavoidable. See TimeInWikis for more.

Therefore, wikis are usually used when there is a degree of permanence to what is being talked about. They can come to represent a long term memory.

Inward-facing, and Outward-facing

Blogs tend to be “outward facing.” They are frequently facing “out” towards the greater world.

RecentChanges on a wiki tends to be “inward facing.” It is easy for people “in” the wiki to follow, but hard for people outside.

If you are making a wiki, but want to participate in the larger discussion in the world, you may want a BlogControlledByWiki. That is, keep a blog that people in the world can easily read, summarizing activity in the wiki.

Whether you use a blog-like facility within the wiki tool, or dedicated blog technology- doesn’t mean anything with respect to what we’re saying here. We’re talking about just focusing our attention on: “Can people outside read this? Or is this an insider only thing?” We say “focus your attention on this,” because most wiki are inward-facing, and hard for outsiders to follow.

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