WikiOverlap is when two separate wikis have pages on the same subject.

WikiOverlap is a form of redundancy and can lead to an IntelligenceFailure. That is, if people update the page in one place, then the people in the other place don't see the information.

Example of the Dillema

The book "cohousing" is about community. But, it's also a book. Thus, it needs a review.

Where do you put the review?

If you put it in wiki C, then presumably it's not showing up in RB. (IntelligenceFailure.) But if you put it in wiki RB, then presumably it's not showing up in C- also an IntelligenceFailure. If you put it in both, then they will get out of sync. Still IntelligenceFailure.

Suppose we use technology to keep the pages in sync: Things still get ugly! Wiki RB struggles to keep the description as a general review, but Wiki C struggles to keep talking about the book's ideas about CoHousing?, and integrating it into it's own link structures.


Ways to deal with this:

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