Different wikis have different ways of doing things. Different CommunityExpectations, different StyleGuidelines, different RulesOfOrder. For example, some wikis are MemberWikis, some are not. Some want ShallowPages, some do not. Some strive for RadicalInclusiveness, some do not.

Each of these choices is called a “convention”. The sum total of these conventions is called a WikiProcess. A WikiProcess is roughly analogous to a structure of governance for a wiki 1

Every wiki has its own WikiProcess, but one can still roughly categorize them. Most wikis today work off a consensus-based model called TheWikiWay. An example of another WikiProcess is WikiKM:MappersProcess?.

There are efforts to formalize descriptions of some WikiProcesses in order to better discuss and refine them. The WikiProcess wiki was created for this purpose. (However, there’s not much activity on it yet.)

Some CommunityExpectations that might be included in a WikiProcess, but which don’t have their own pages here yet:

Is WikiProcessWiki? deceased? It seemed like a good idea to me. Similar to WikiFeatures; a place where WikiProcess componenents could be listed, formalized, and categorized. We can still discuss them here.

Ah, yes; Yes it is. There wasn’t any activity on it for like 3 months, so I took it down. Not to say I think it was a bad idea. I think we’ll recreate it. It just- it costs something to show people wiki with no activity on it, and it costs something to upgrade wiki that nothings happening on, and it costs something to remove spam because nobody’s looking- yadda yadda yadda.

We’ll bring it back.

We’ll bring it back when we have a CriticalMass? on wiki processes, and are ready to export to it. We can even license it compatable with this wiki’s license; That’s fine by me.

Do you think we’ve reached such a critical mass?

I personally- I feel like HubAndSpokeWikis isn’t formalized well enough yet; I think it still has some maturing to do. (Not a whole lot- just- some.)

Yes, I agree, I think that much as you and I would like, we don’t have the technology yet to spawn little narrow-topic wikis willy-nilly (without making the effort to attract a community for each one).

I don’t know what you mean by “HubAndSpokeWikis isn’t formalized well enough yet”, but I don’t think the InterWiki technology to make it easy is here yet.

Although maybe since you’re switching to OddMuse, things will be different. For example, if the entire WikiProcessWiki? was a shared, cross-wiki PageCluster with CommunityWiki, maybe that would work. It would seem like just another topic on CommunityWiki for now, but it would be easy to spin out if it got big (this was one of the original motivations of PageCluster, no?).



1. But not quite; a WikiProcess encompasses style guidelines and CommunityExpectations, whereas the structure of a constitutional government is restricted to DecisionMakingProcesses? and absolute laws.

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