Their project aims to assist and organize Wikipedia projects; it is an infrastructure project.

Kensanata met them first on 2005-07-14.

LionKimbro and MattisManzel met with Tractor (of WikiProject) on 2005-07-17. Other IRC people present were: metasj (WikiProject,) minutemen (WikiProject,) and xorAxAx (OneBigSoup.)

LionKimbro and MattisManzel have created pages on the Meta Wikipedia wiki, connected with the WikiProject group.

We do this, because we see overlap between WikiNodes and the WikiProject. LionKimbro and Tractor talked at length about Tractor's page on Community, which describes a vision that overlaps with our "HiveMind" and "PassagesOfPerspective" pages. This is a good opportunity for InterCommunityCooperation and strategizing.


I've invited "Tractor" to participate on this wiki. I didn't tell him about our UseRealNames policy; We'll see how he takes it when we get here. That said, I would like us to make an exception for him, at least for a while.

Read his page "Community." It obviously fits in with HiveMind.

It feels more like a POV essay than an NPOV encyclopedia entry, though. I argued that he should post it here, because it fits in so well with the rest of the ideas that we talk about here. That, and it's really good, and I (personally) would be honored to have it here, and work it in with the rest of our text.

np, tractor and sj, won't have a problem with real names. as far as I got it from the conversation I had before you came in. tractor agreed on that you can't create a new world with mickey-mice and super-men.

Hey I made it in! Thanks for the help guys :) I also started a list at

I'm not accustomed to this interface yet. So bear with me! CharleyQuinton

WikiSym was good and we had lots of discussions about this place and others. I am intersted in seeing how those effect this space! Mattis - I like how you say "agreed on that you can't create a new world with mickey-mice and super-men." Very clear. – MarkDilley

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