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See the Educational Technology Wiki. EdTech:EducationalWikiIdeas, EdTech:WikisInTheClassroom.

I think we may see ThePublicWeb replace the traditional classroom / school system altogether. I would see school as augmenting ThePublicWeb’s learning system, not the other way around.

But I think general discussion about using wiki in the classroom would best be had at the Educational Technology wiki.

Incidentally: DougHolton? has told me that he’s thinking of making a bunch of other education related wiki. Should be cool.

(Obviously, we’d all like to see what the others are writing, regardless of where. All I can say is: PersonalLogServer..!)

Simply great. This opens up wide gates for wiki. World education. Nobody has disadvantages anymore. We though first need this efford of all, the industry included to provide basic hardware equipment, so that everybody (in words: everybody) worldwide can contribute and receive. We have to think of commercial ways to get such done. Wiki as a worldwide business? Should wiki have its own non-corrupt money? eTerra e.a.?

Yes, we can do world education by wiki. In certain respects, we already do. However, we mean formally recognized education, by wiki. I’ve been writing notes in my notebooks on ways that we can accelerate it. I intend to write them down, eventually. (There’s a lot to do.)

I think we need to seperate the concept of ThePublicWeb from wiki. The public web is the inter-connected network of online software that is for and by the public, regardless of country or whatever. Wiki is just a part of it. Wiki, as I see it, is the seed of a future system of public documents management. The future system will be networked (as implied by the WikiNode concept), and it will feature a PublicRefineryProcess for the documents, and collections of documents.

Mattis- you mentioned monetary systems. I believe some members of Wikipedia are trying to set up a wikipedia scrip- a favors network for trading article-writing and expertise. I think it’d be best to have multiple currency networks over the Internet. What we really need is “currency server” software. It’s basic: You just keep an account. It goes up or down. But the devil lies in the details: Security during scaling, in particular. (If 100,000 people are using this system, does it break? Do people hack the system? You need multiple servers, which means the network needs to talk with itself, which means you worry about the man in the middle, which means…) An interesting thing is that you can just issue everybody “0 Internet Dollars,” and start with a publicly allowed a credit of, say, “10.” (That is, you don’t need to issue currency, or manage currency. You just allow people to go to -10.) Then you can extend the credit for an individual on the basis of previous trades, and their degree of InternetBonding. (How much their identity and needs tied into the Internet.) But you never actually have to “issue currency.”

We should probably move these ideas to seperate pages. I probably shouldn’t spend too much time writing them, though. I wish that we could have a good phone conversation.

We also need to set up a Scoop site for wiki, so that we can collaborate with the larger wiki community.

Wiki have a carrying capacity- they can support a very limited number of cliques. That’s because WikiIsDocumentBased, and we are a communal wiki (DegreesOfEditorialControl) with an IntelligenceProcess? for maintaining our IntelligenceDatabase?. We can support only a limited number of exchanges and interactions here.

We need a supplementary chronological CommunicationChannel. I think Scoop is the ideal mechanism for this. Then we can support all wiki developers in a democratic communications channel. (In Scoop, you vote stories up and down.) We will still use wiki for a documents system, but we’d use scoop to have conversations between cliques, and keep up-to-date with the larger wiki community.

I need to divide this up into individual pages, but- actually, I have to go right now. I’ve got work cleaning someone’s house today. I’ll see you all later!


Is it still OnTopic to speak of world education ? Could we focus on local experiment as Alex mentioned on WikiSchool : the largest unit would be an entire school. Imho, I’d like to suggest to discuss of InterWikiSchool? later :)

That’s fine. :)

Mind if I refactor the currency discussion to another page ? Is there a better location than ? – DavidCary



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