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Wiki stacking ?

When looking at wikis, there is a regular pattern I often see… I’m just trying to define this pattern (in other words, the method used by users). What is wiki stacking ? That’s just the way used by users to stack information on a specific wiki page. Information stacked can be “comments”, “lists” or “updates”.

The stacking method helps to improve a page and also helps user to contribute without too much complexity (adding notes is sometimes easier than modifying an existing content). Is this pattern regular in wiki and collaboration ? Would it possible to enhance a wiki interface to “promote” the collaboration ? Enhancing without having the effect of a forum where information is limited by technical boundaries (e.g. separation between main content and comments).

There is another view of Wiki Stacking (pointed by Sam Rose) described in Mixed Mode pointing also that the document mode (to be understood as the common way of operation for a wiki) is not always efficient for collaboration.


stacking order

The stacking order is important as users are used to see the information ordered by time of contribution. There are two major way of ordering it :

The stacking order came often from convention or initial implementation or …. As an example, the RecentChanges from is “most recent at bottom” beside being one of the first wiki implementation.

implementation idea

time limited contribution

If we assume that stacked contributions have a life time, we could set a specific creation date of a subtext in page. When another contributor (or the same) is assuming that the stacked text is expired, the subtext is closed.

A subtext/stacked contribution is expired when (as example) :

The interface page to such “time limited stacked contribution” could use the standard edit button plus a check box to declare the contribution has being just stacked. In view mode, the content is over layered on the page where people can vote for / against / (delete) the stacked content. The stacked content implementation is somehow considered as a simple annotation system. Of course in this implementation scenario, this not an annotation wiki where the annotation is not an integrated part of the page evolution.

related patterns

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