WikiSym 2006: 2006 International Symposium on Wikis

August 21-23, 2006, Odense, Denmark; Co-located with ACM Hypertext 2006

See and (to register and for Odense info) June 19 is the early registration deadline


Open Space

From my perspective, the best part of WikiSymTwoThousandandSix? is the Open Space. Those of us in the WikiVan? to San Diego and others attempted to add open space on the fly. That didn’t work so great so we created RecentChangesCamp. Fantastic! So WikiSym this year seems to have learned the lesson and is doing a hybrid. After Angela’s opening talk, we’ll do the open space opening with everyone. Then, the rest of the day is open space, panels and paper presentations, all competing for attention. Cool! Tuesday there’s an opening speaker and an evening speaker and the rest of the day is the same open space with some papers and panels thrown in. Wednesday is workshops parallel with open space and then some sort of open space closing and Ward’s final talk in the evening. Who’s going? I’d love to share lodging expenses and get them as cheap as possible!

I’m going and the company is paying.

That’s great!


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