Wiki Synergy is an expression of ConsolidateInformation and OnceAndOnlyOnce.

A page called the Wiki Synergy Project was started on WikiIndex to promote the idea of having people collaborate on a single GreenWiki, and likewise on a single wiki for other important areas such as AppropriateTechnology and InternationalDevelopment?. Collaboration on a single site was argued to be far more effective than competetion, especially for wikis.

Since the page was created in September 2006, at least 8 wikis have merged to form what is currently Appropedia, a single very active wiki for sustainability and development issues. Whether or not that page played a role, the ideas certainly did.

WikiIndex and possibly AboutUs could be seen as ways of supporting WikiSynergy.

Interesting development! As indicated on RadicalInclusiveness, a wiki becoming the canonical place for a certain type of information implies that it is harder to establish reasons for exclusion. Did this prediction come true? Did the Green Wiki suffer from green but otherwise intolerable people? How was it handled?

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