This is a record of conversations called the “Wiki Talks.”

They were held making use of VoIP (VoiceOverInternetProtocol.)

The Wiki Talks haven’t been done in a long time; We use the WikiTing.


2004-09-06 Monday

Lion Kimbro called Mattis Manzel ~ 18.30 UTC using skype.

Main subject:

Things we want:

Other stuff:

It’s so exciting! You should install Skype!

2004-08-22 Sunday

Lion Kimbro called Mattis Manzel ~ 07:00 pm UTC using skype.

We stayed connected for hours. We got pretty straight into working after a couple of good laughs, trying to get simultaneous working on a wikipage via tightvnc running while being voice connected, but failed. Mattis sung with lion’s daughter. No. 3 Thomas Kalka will notice Co Forum:Wiki Konferenz. There is a serveradress on this page. Don’t know if it’s up. [VocalWikiWorkers? Vocal wiki workers].

We got TightVnc? to work; Lion can run a server on Linux, and expose a web browser for shared use. Sadly, by the time he got it running, Mattis needed to sleep. It was almost 2am middle European time.

2004-07-30 Friday

ChristopheDucamp called MattisManzel ~ 01:00 pm UTC using Skype.

Christophe called on his dial up connection, the sound quality was very low with many dropouts, so we could hardly understand each other. What we got through is that we both think this Skype is most interesting - on a broadband at least. After some minutes my computer hung up. There was a defragmenation running too - mybe that caused the crash and also the bad quality. When trying to call back xtof he was already offline. No. 2

2004-07-20 Tuesday

MattisManzel called SunirShah at ~ 09:30 pm UTC using Skype.

Sunir had put his Skype ID on his homepage, I called him rightaway. He turned the music down and we spoke spoke for about 20 min without any technical difficulties. It was 4:30 in Canada already but he was still wake. We spoke about:

  • Writing in wiki, what audience to. He felt like writing to different audiences, I felt I always write to the HiveMind.
  • The business modell of skype. How “free” is it? What alternatives are needed.
  • His trip to Berlin.

Not important from contents but mentioned here as a first reported talk. We exchanged some skype chat messages about trying again including common work on a wikipage and whishing a good night afterwards. It was fun. I liked it. No. 1


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