Tings” are collaborative editing sessions held twice a week. They have been running since early 2005. They presently working using Gobby, on RadomirDopieralski’s computer.

Meetings are:

Localy Stored Tings

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I’ve cleared this page out, so that it can be more focused for newcomers.


  • Would you like me to put the conversation that was here into [[WikiTingArchive001?]]? I know you like to remember history, and it’s not hard to collect.
  • Are you still holding Thursday tings?
  • If so, will you list the time and coordinates above?
  • And do people still meet in IRC first?

I propose that at the next WikiTing, that we talk about CommunityWikiGovernment. And, if possible, it would be great if as many people came as possible, I think, because this is a community decision.

MattisManzel, I know you like to have the conversation in the gobby document, but for this one, especially, can we use the top for running summary?

It takes a very long time for me to summarize ThreadMode, after the fact. I believe it took me ~6-8 hours to summarize the CommunityWikiGovernmentIrcConversation, for instance.

So if I can keep construct the summary, in view of everybody, while the session is going on, that way everyone can check and correct and note things, and see it as it happens, make sure I don’t miss things, and so on. And I don’t have to spend several days, with my daughter and girlfriend bugging me and complaining and asking “Why are you spending all that time Wiki-ing,” and so on, afterwards..!

Also, there is benefit to having summaries, AS you are having the conversation. I.e., “What are our core questions, again?” It can be very focusing.

But regardless, I think most important: That we meet to discuss the CommunityWikiGovernment on Sunday.

True. Three hours to ting-time. Sorry for not having seen it earlier.

No Thursday-tings recently, pre-meeting on irc neither but we could. Best on freenode #ting, maybe? Thanks for the care here, Lion. Well done.

Hmm; My connections broke, and I can’t get back into Ting..?

My connections broke because of my wireless. But I can’t log back into the Ting..?

Sorry, I missed it.

Ting 85 today Sunday, December 17th, 17:00 UTC. That’s one hour earlier than usual to be able to go parallel with BarCamp-wiki: BarCamp-bank / flashmeeting 4

How was Ting 85? Still have not set up a pc with a linux distro to make my Gobby life easier ;). But, will do soon.

Gotta try out the ting-feed of the collab-editor-wiki that I have moved ting storing and announcing to. We’ll move it back to the ting-wiki in time, it uses creole which I’m not yet good in.

It was a great Premier for me. The concept is interesting though is hard to use (in the sens hard to collaborate). I hope there will be other attempts but this time for serious collaborative work ;)

Great that you liked it. I agree about collabedit. The idea of having a collab-editor in the browser is nice, indeed. Collabedit misses linebreaks and background colors. I can’t say if the delay of 2 or 3 seconds makes it unuseable. It updates the text in waves and it makes confusing movements during the refresh. Neither can I say how collabedit behaves with more participants in a session after only we two tried it out. Do more participants augment the delay and how annoying is that? Surely MoonEdit and Gobby provide stable screens and are way more direct. Correcting somebody a few keys behind his cursor is no problem on both. I couldn’t really try that out in our test ting. Thanks for joining.

I am waiting for the next ting now !

See the latest inclusion of collab-editor-wiki: tings above. Til next ting then. :)


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