Wiki-ting started life as an idea MattisManzel had for a council on a wiki. The idea didn’t take off, but the time and place was very useful as a TimeWindow: a dedicated time and place for regular meeting.

MattisManzel now uses the term ting differently, but we still call this meeting time the “WikiTing.”

The word ting, meaning “council”, comes from Scandinavian languages. Tings were the councils of the ancient Vikings and Germanians. The name also applies to the places where the gatherings were held (always outsides, in the open). Tings had no written language, just like wiki has no spoken language.

MattisManzel's Introductory Statement

Not important I made it up. Rather how to get this going is important. The council idea, that did not take off, has been a pretty diffenent one to my feel, but, who knows, maybe tings even turn into kind of a live-council. I prefer ting to wiki-ting. The contents can be refactored on a wiki - that’s all it has to do with wiki (which is pretty much already). The only disadvantage (a one to be considered) is that “ting” on google or [[technorati?]] also gives you writing, scripting, acting and such. Maybe therefore wiki-ting is the better solution. I’m not sure.

When I first came up with ting I had tought about using VoIP along with the ting-sessions, but that never occurred up to now. One of my seti23-buddies made a room wiki / TING on their teamspeak server for us trying it out. I’ll give you the entrance data before ting-time on freenode #onebigsoup. Sunday 18:00 UTC is next.

See TeamSpeak please (and download it).

All communication levels should be reliably and permanently available to us for whatever desired online working situation.

  • wiki, not real-time
  • irc, text vanishes into eternity
  • collaborative editing, the document can be saved to a wiki-page.
  • VoIP, talk to who you want to when you need to and then only.

We do not have to use all these but we can. To really enable all possible channels these applications should be jammed into one super-ting-tool.

this is about the teamspeak server my seti friends run who would be glad if we started to use it for something cool btw. it updates every now and then automatically. I wonder if there is a feed we could show here. You see: Lion and xtof are idleing in the wiki / Ting VoIP room and can be talked to. Wouldn’t it be useful? A lot of stuff for teamspeak

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I’m reworking the old WikiTing page, and putting this out onto its own page, so that we can keep the WikiTing page more focused on upcoming Tings.

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