The virtues of a good wiki editor are:

Any more?

I think the "orderly" is also important. A good editor has to care about structure, categories, forward indexes, etc. -- AlexSchroeder

Great page idea.

I think "Laziness" is misnamed. Someone who is lazy wouldn't bother to ConsolidateInformation, etc. In fact, I think the items in that category are almost the opposite of laziness; some sort of long term view of things. I don't think that we will be successful defining the wiki virtues in terms of things that sound like vices; I think whoever it was got lucky with the "programmer's virtues" and we won't be able to repeat that feat.

I think a love of simplicity is a wiki virtue.

I also think these virtues aren't general to all the ways that wikis can be used, but rather just to how we use them. These virtues will apply to TheWikiWay and its cousins.

-- BayleShanks


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