To quote CliffordAdams: “There are two very different kinds of voting on Wiki. One is a simple count of agreeing voters, where a vote is simply a shorthand for “I also like this”.

The other kind of vote attempts to decide a community disagreement. This kind of vote is controversial. There is a Wiki tradition of consensus decisions, with the possibility of a veto from the site owner.”

For more discussion on the goodnesss or badness of the second type of vote, see AboutVoting.

Some potential uses for WikiVoting

(one could modify voting machinery to make a system that transfers credit from users accounts to authors)

This page “WikiVoting” discusses how voting happens, or could happen, on all kinds of wiki. Voting at the CommunityWiki is described at CommunityWikiBylaws.

I would be really interested in seeing AutomatedWikiVoting?. Could anyone point me to wiki software supporting it? AutomatedWikiVoting? would be a flexible tool on the path to implementing many good ideas like RatingGroups and RatingAsContent within a Wiki. These are tools that would allow a large Wiki with a high turnover rate (for instance, a WikiWebLog) to support subcommunities with different interests. – BayleShanksBayleShanks

a comment on Wiki:ValidateChangesByVoting: could make it much harder to automatically attack Wikis (i’m new here and haven’t seen any of these, but I’m sure they’ll happen much more as Wiki’s get bigger) if you require the validations to come from different subnets. But at those cost of making wikis seem more complicated to newcomers. I would not recommend this until attacks were becoming a problem (does this comment belong on this page? i would put it on ValidateChangesByVoting, but I though WikiWiki preferred to have new meta-Wiki talk over here rather than there; I certainly would) – BayleShanks


Manual WikiBallotBox voting: see pages near Wiki:HowToVote

AutomatedWikiVoting?: Wiki:AutomatedWikiVoting


Some other CollaborativeHypermedia systems with voting: VeniVidiVoti ReferendumGroupToolkit

Related topic: voting outside of wikis Wiki:VotingPatterns Wiki:CategoryVoting LiquidDemocracy

I made a simple WikiVoting module for OddMuse. See AgreeDisagreeModule.

A vision of a wiki with procedural rules

One of my long-term (couple of years) goals is to try out a wiki community with these properties:

The idea is that it will be very clear to everyone what the process is for making community rules, and what the current rules are. The process will not require anyone to guess when there is a “silent consensus”. There will be no need for a GodKing even for most administration because the community itself will be able to ban people, and to reconfigure and upgrade the software.

The larger picture is that this is hoped to be a scalable, efficient way for a even a large wiki community to govern itself1 and to upgrade its software, and ultimately a testbed for new kinds of mass democratic government.





1. more efficient than the current informal system because members will be able to spend less time in arguments over what the rules are

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