The author here presents his credo, which he once formulated in WardsWiki.

A WikiWayOfLife allows us to help each other, within wikis and beyond to:

from Wiki:WikiWayOfLife, where it nearly went unnoticed.

You are invited to contemplate on it. [– FridemarPache]

Some wiki focus more on some of these areas than other areas. Some specific examples FIXME: fill in a few more


Fridemar, I feel emotional resonance with this view. I think all who like wikis want them to be positive places. On the other hand, rationally, I think that when wikis get more and more part of our lives, as they become living spaces, they will hold the positive and the negative as well. As personal technologies, like phone or mail or cars, they will contain love and hate, the ugly and the beautiful. Actually wikis did at all times. There is no way to stick a label on them and enforce humane use. – HelmutLeitner

I see what you mean, Helmut. This reminds me of something that I read recently, which is that OpenSpace(s) (online and offline) work only because enough participants want it to work. So, when they fail, they fail because the majority of people present don’t know about, or won’t follow the communal agreements and social norms for how to use them.

This happened with the LA Times Wikitorial, for instance. It was overhwelmed by vandals and griefers. Yet, the Wired News wiki appears to have been a success, and so is Wiki News.

The time now appears to have come to integrate the economic dimension into the (wiki-) online communities. CreatingAndSharingWealth.


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