What do you think to migrate content from there to here?

I think that would chance negative repurcussions.

The relationship between CommunityWiki and MeatballWiki is positive, but somewhat fragile.

I would only approve of such a thing if:

  • A) it was done with SunirShah’s blessing,
  • B) SunirShah personally told us that he wanted this,
  • C) whoever migrated the content also took responsibility for migrating it back when MeatballWiki is restored
  • D) it was clear that this was not a change in the copyright status of MeatballWiki works – that this is a special temporary exception

This is not a statement about SunirShah, MeatballWiki, and copyrights; This is in no way to be taken as a legal statement.

If you, and only you, wrote material on MeatballWiki, and still retain the rights to it, you are of course free to reproduce it here, or wherever else you like.

A few related comments…

  • Perhaps MeatBall:DiigoService makes it somewhat less necessary to relocate material.
  • Let’s not forget however, that a link can be just as effective as moving the material. If it is, then the main issue around where something resides, is a question of reliable access.
  • If concerns about copyright endlessly bedevil internet sites, then it is likely that Authors will simply start to only post to those sites that they are comfortable in.
  • Finally, there are very few effective technical restrictions protecting content on publically accessible sites. Hence, I (for one) believe that anything I post on a publically accessible site is effectievly Public Domain, by default.
    • This is, of course, the main reason that I use a full spectrum of sites ranging from “Dark” to (bright) “Light”.
  • And always remember that all form of copyrights are of value only if they can be (legally) enforced. Given that “the deepest pockets” generally win law suits, there will be many victors in either of the camps for particular battles. Ultimately, the “War” will cease (but not be won) when the remaining economic incentives become negligible.

WikiWeaving (like all forms of Open communication) is a good thing to my way of thinking. The details of how to implement it, are relatively short-term matters that will appeal to certain folk for a relatively brief time, given the current rates of TechnologicalChange?.

It goes without saying, that the author thought to move only selfwritten stuff to here, mainly because the Spamfilter of Meatball currently suppresses BackLinks from WikiPages to external BlogService, this way making WikiBlogging impossible. Due to this temporary deficiency in MeatballWiki and since the author feels emotional and cognitive resonance here, he moved his HomePage to here, leaving a stub there with a link to here. The author remains StronglyConnected? with Meatball, where he has made hundreds of contributions. He needs only a little subset to be accessed easily and fast here, considering the fact that access to MeatballWiki is currently hampered very much and to make communication easier with the peers here. – FridemarPache

As an example: This page is a FriendPageTo: MeatballWiki:WikiWeaving


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