This page is about understanding the general sentiment of disdain or anger towards blogs and blogging.

The Territory

There is a general sentiment of distaste, or even outright anger, against blogs, bloggers, and blogging.

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I think High Culture and Dis-Association are the main reasons, with a little bit of Stereotyping.

For us wiki people, of course, there’s some Mono-Platformism as well.

Personally when I bash blogs it’s probably because of Dis-Association and Mono-Platformism.

Let me apply a little Dis-Association towards Why I Hate Personal Weblogs, also, though, by saying that I don’t mind what other people write, since no one is forcing me to read it.

The anger some people feel about blogs will almost certainly die out over the next 10 years, as people acclimate to it.

I don’t know how to prioritize this list; I’ve seen all of these, and I’m not really sure in what percentages.

You said that personally, it was high culture and dis-association, but then: I don’t think you’re one of the people that really get knee-jerk reactions when you hear about blogging..!

The bloggers of today are the wikizens of tomorrow. I love bloggers.

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