When a name for an idea (and in the case of a wiki, the name of a page) has a certain "ring" to it, when you actually enjoy saying it out loud, when hearing it invokes mysterious thought fragments and PoeticReasoning hinting at a greater meaning – then you are experiencing word magic.

Word magic is the art of inventing cool names, names that stick, names that say more to the individual listener than the simple expansion of the term (or terms, if a composite). This is an important skill.

Unfortunately, the attempt to build a PatternLanguage brings with it the risk of uncontrolled word magic. Cool names are being invented out of a desire for a stronger effect which – seen in a greater context – might be ineffective when applied at the wrong time.

Sometimes a seemingly shallow page remains left behind if the creation process did not progress beyond finding a catchy title or keyword and vaguely drafting the idea. You still remember the cool sounding name (even if the page got renamed). It seems like the page was made without actually considering whether the sticky page-name is useful or not. But maybe there was an idea hidden in that name that matched the title. You never know.

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