Portrait I am XavierMaillard, 27. I am a DatabaseAdministrator? for the french national postal service.

I (mostly) use FreeSoftware and participate(d) in several projects.

What I’d like to do with a wiki is pretty simple: use it for all my stuff: notebook, calendar, contacts, to-do lists, blogging, writing articles/documentations, …


Salut Xavier. Je ne savais pas que tu lisais ce wiki. :)

Saluton! :D

Thank you all ! :) Good to be back in the wiki world.

Perhaps you might find the Community WikiHive useful as a starting point.

I would use HCoop. One of the benefits is that many #emacs guys have accounts there.

I am currently testing a XenVirtual? hosting platform through my registrar provider. It sounds good for the moment.

Sal├╝t Xavier.

Xavier… “Its a small world, after all” - I am involved in the operations of Canada Post’s National Change Of Address services.

Like you say Hans :)

Xavier, welcome, and if you still need a space for wiki, you are welcome to use http://socialsynergyweb.com/cgi-bin/wiki2/FrontPage and create a wiki there.

Thanks but I already found a place to host my wiki :)


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