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Recently I am musing about reviving the Perl community. It seems that despite the wandeful growth of CPAN and Other objective data, Perl is considered a legacy language. This has many bad consequences like lack of new Perl programmers, diminishing support from hosting services and general lack of support from companies, the way Google supports Python by employing Guido or 37signals supports Ruby (on Rails). I still believe that CPAN has struck a sweet point in socio-technological collaboration space and that Perl deserves a revival. I think this might be an interesting practical problem for community oriented people here.


Welcome! :)AlexSchroeder

:Bonjour Zbigniew. You could drop here your TéléPrésence? indicator – ChristopheDucamp

Merci! Je ne utilise pas de MessagerieInstantanee? beaucoup. Je croi que ca changera bientot. – ZbigniewLukasiak

Heya ZBY! It’s nice to see you around here, ;)HeatherJames

Hi Zbigniew. [de]Klasse, dass du dabei bist.
[en]Great you’re with it.[xx] What languages do you read? en, fr obviously. de too?

Danke. Ich verstaie ein bischien Deuch auch, aber Ich habe forgeste schreiben. (Ich verstehe ein bisschen Deutsch, aber ich habe vergessen, es zu scheiben.(Thanks for the correction!))

Il faut faire un canal #wiki-fr sur InternetRelayChat. Peut etre il faut faire un canal allemand sur jabber aussi, je ne utilise pas jabber. Maybe I should?

sorry for not welcoming you earlier – i think the bookmark got lost in a crash. here’s a double one, then: welcome, welcome!



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