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diki - day-page based wiki

Mattis made a sand-diki to give it a try.

Idea is to keep all thread mode written on day-pages which are time-stamped. There is one such page for every contribution. Their contents get included into the repective regular wiki-pages, the newest on top and right at the end of the regular wiki-page which only contains the condensed document mode text.

What happens? Single contributions get a url. You can more easily quote somebody elsewhere. Mattis Manzel said on sand-diki: First diki-page / 2006-05-15 15:44; We need both informations what page? and when? in the title.
I’m not sure. But I’d like to try it out to understand better and see advantges and disadvantages more clearly.

I’ve worked a bit on it today and made some nice steps ahead. Some things are missing but it seems possible which I’m quite content about.

It’s still pretey messy, best to see what works is on sand-diki: talk-pages. Thanks for your help, Alex.