lambda calculus

See LambdaCalculus.

What is Lambda calculus

A field of mathematics, I guess. Consult the linked page ⬆️. A quick reminder:

Term rules

Reduction operations

Applying Lambda calculus to communication

Say, we have a conversation like this:

We can then beta-reduce the conversation to this:

To download a web page from CLI, run this shell command: wget url.

I (TimurIsmagilov) guess it has been done many times already but I doubt anyone has ever thought about comparing it to beta-reduction.

Alpha-reduction is less useful. Basically, replace all occurrences of a word that is wrong with a more correct word:

We can alpha-reduce it to this:

Can bad link updating be thought of as an example of alpha-reduction?



What’s the context? What’s the purpose of this page? Is it to discuss Computer Science, or is it to discuss Reworking?


Context is TurnBasedVsInterruptedThreadMode, I guess. The purpose is to show how λ-calculus reductions can be used with InterruptedThreadMode. It is to discuss Reworking.


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