Including text from another wiki-page is interesting. On s23-wiki it gets done with rss url /rss. Thats easy. But including whole pages leads to quite some overload. It would be useful if one could define which part of a page is being fed as rss by using rss-anchors. Likely for the document part, the top of a page. What we want others to read, the essence, the worthful condensed information. Not our chat down on the page.

In read mode you should see the rss-anchors. Maybe the text between the rss-anchors should be slightly different (color?). Best you should also (somehow) have the pages listed that have the anchor surounded part included. Like that you could easily controll how the effect of changing something is in the diffent context of the other wikipage.

rss-anchors would be more flexible than Mediawikis division into article and discussion page (which also helps a lot), I think. Is it technically imagineable?

These things are definitely technically imaginable.

Substituting stuff in one place in another place is called "TransClusion." Perhaps we want to call this, "WikiTransClusion."

It doesn't reall have anything to do with RSS.

There are two things that we need:

  • WikiFeatures😀ocViewThreadViewSplit – something so that part of a page is called "DocumentMode" and another part of a page is called "ThreadMode"
  • WikiInterchangeFormat – so that all wiki can exchange (parts of) pages with each other

So, first you need to be able to say, this is the part of the page I want. Then you need to be able to say, "now that I've found the part of the page I want, how am I going to translate this from MoinMoin markup, to Oddmuse markup?

The first part is relatively easy. You could use WikiFormats to handle that- some standard marker that says, "Above is the DocumentMode, below is the ThreadMode.

The second part is hard: Making a WikiInterchangeFormat, and adapting wiki formats to use it.

Actually, making the format isn't hard, what's hard is convincing everybody to use it.

Fortunately, we don't have to: The WikiGateway that BayleShanks would be the place to put interchange logic, until everybody was convinced of the approach.


So, if you want to lobby for WikiTransClusion, I'd:

  1. Lobbying for the WikiInterchangeFormat.
  2. Point people to BayleShanks's WikiGateway.

As for the WikiInterchangeFormat, be prepared for resistance. Wiki developers are dragging their feet in the sand about this one. But perhaps now is different: Perhaps the need is clearer.

BTW, OddMuse bug: if you go to the history page for this page and then click on one of the revisions, it tries to give you the CWrss feed!

I don't see why WikiPageInterchange? is necessary here; why do we want the wiki markup source? Couldn't the transcluding page just transclude the rendered HTML of the page? There's a question of how to get part of a page; but it seems to me that there's already logical "part" markers in HTML; <a name…>, <h1>, <div>, <hr> etc come to mind; so just let the transcluder specify the delimiters somehow and you're golden. Now you might want to just have a standard way of specifying a "transcludable" section, to make it easy for people to transclude without learning XHTML, and that would still require a "standardization" agreement between the producer and transcluder wikis.

Using WikiFormats to segregate DocumentMode from ThreadMode is great!

Can we talk on WikiTransClusion? This page doesn't work for some reason. Besides, don't you think the title "WikiTransClusion" is a little better?

And, I concede: WikiPageInterchange? is not necessary here.

(I still believe WikiPageInterchange? is necessary, in general. We can't do good text routing until we get it.)


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