Hello world

Super duper pling plong.

Since I have joined the community by writing I feel I have to show my face.

So. Here it is:

hehe - Sorry for using a nickname, but my online identity has always (>10yrs) been: sEi. My realname is Jesper Schimmell and i am born in Denmark (Europe) and live there the most of the year.

I have seen wiki's for years but they have not until now caught my serious attention.

I have joined the development team of OpenWikiNG (OpenWiki2004) the New generation OpenWiki. - My reason for choosing that 'version' is that it is ASP based, and im lost in PHP and the other languages.

Happy to see you all :)

Nice to see some rainbow energy on the net!



Very welcome, you took a good decision to make this page. I guess. And honestly and apart from all UseRealNames: Jesper is a pretty common name in Denmark, we will far earlier have 10 Jespers here than ten sEis. Your full name is written above, it is as unique as real names are, pir gets (or got :() along here very well without offering us his real name - maybe UseRealNames is simply bulls***? Maybe it's BeUnique? or BeAsUniqueAsYouAre? or something. Hot fun on Community, Jesper. And thanks for the rainbow energy.

Bonjour Jesper. In french, we could translate your first name by I hope (should be written j'espère)… ! SoyezLeBienvenu? sur CommunityWiki. :)

Thanx for your warming greetings - about UseRealNames: I support the rule and encourage people to follow it! This said, i anyway choose to use "sEi" as the label for my online avatar. Many reasons for doing that…..! - Im not hiding… Most folks InRealLife? calls me sEi….. and more…! Some of my friends went on the Bhagwan trip, and became sinyasins and changed their name to exotic new names - What name should they use? hmm :) (just jokin) - USE YOUR REAL NAME (Whatever that is) --/sEi

JesperSchimmell, you are right, JesperSchimmell.

Oh, I didn't know you are already under your real name on meatball. They are not more serious than we are here. Just the surface is more green here and more white there. The big idea though is the same ;)

Excuse me for going deeper into it. It is a fair self-controlled world society that grows here and elsewhere. JesperSchimmell as sEi means thousands of mickeymouses to come. We are CommunityWiki, are we? Read about pirs name story. This is different. I tell ya, I had intense chats wih him. 10 years is great (I have a year of present online-identity more or less) but maybe it's time for a change?

Thinking a bit further about the whole thing a picture comes to my mind I was recently pointed to on the lively Germanspeaking Fuckup wiki. The guy bleaks his tongue since 14 years on passport fotos. It might be on time to scan my passport and put it on my homepage here. I mean, we have identification structures, friends, neighbors, the state that issues us a passport. Why not use them?

And maybe national identifcation systems are hierarchical predefined and one should rather rely on naturally grown systems like friends (and neighbors)? FOAF-style? Who knows? Integration where possible with existing rl-systems is important.

I could talk up and down why i choosed to use my birthname at meatball and not here. If you insist in me using my birthname then i do it! - But doing that would practicaly meen that i have to change my name to write here! - I DO NOT identify myself with my birthname! - Even my mother calls me sEi! - So if you insist i will write here under seudonym (Jesper Schimmell).

hehe - funny pictures in passport - I had for several years a passportphoto where i sit and flash my fuk-finger. (Stupid teenager) - Did that get attention at the customs - Yes! - And lots of angry faces and bad things - But i felt so kewl when i got the passport! - But got a bit more clever when i started using it!

This "use whatever name" thing reminds me very much about somet(h)ing moved to WikiTingDiscussion by MattisManzel. --/sEi

Splattered here. The foto is komplett knorke (= great, a buddy, berlin dialect). some thing about 48x48. HowToInsertYourFotoHere

I wouldn't ever even dream about telling you what name to use. You decide that, it's your name. Best regards to your mother btw. Her son has a tone that I can immediately groove in on. I like that. Tell her that please.


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