I need a page I can write on and not think about the title before doing so. Thinking about the title of something before writing it is poison to writing. Wiki forcing you to do so
c o m p l e t e t l y sucks! Often a title can easily and far better be found when it’s all done. ;)

Pages I started here and moved later:

ProposalsForNewWikis, sure, I thought. Or IdeasForNewWikisTestpage?? Or whatever idea for a suitable, bonestiff (see meatball: editable titles) title comes up during writing it, so do it - damn - on your scratchpad.

For everybody to have a personal scratchpad this here should be [[MattisManzel/scratchpad]], right? Sorry, I meant personal scratchpads, but a common one might be interesting as well (even an internal scratchwiki - later - btw). Anyhow.


I propose a new page ProposalsForNewWikis:

If you have a good idea for a new wiki, write it down here. Others might have good ideas on your idea.

ReligionWiki?. A mpov-wiki (multiple points of view). Multilingual. Guess PPD. Something like that:

moved to religion-wiki on 21st of dec 2004.

It was big buckets first, wasn’t it?

Gotta keep this one:

Ich komm gerad von ‘ner zufälligen paaty, eine junge Dame dort, mennemenne, die fruchtbare Mitte liegt zwischen den Zentren zweier Kugeln, denke ich, und die Idee der Polarisierung auf OffTopic unten kommt mir ins Gedächtnis. MPOV - multiple point of view, verschiedene Sichtweisen, aber man koexistiert und profitiert davon - vielleicht ist ja das die Polarisierung? Jedenfalls liegt die fruchtbare Mitte zwischen den Zentren zweier Kugeln. Hat was von Keplers 1. Axiom. Die Bahn eines Planeten ist eine Ellipse. In einem ihrer Brennpunkte steht die Sonne. :)

anchors for rss

How to combine wiki and forum advantages? Gotta try something out. There might be an idea hidden somewhere when I just wrote on s23-wiki: DrOwl?. There is a timeline, new ideas go on the top. Answers add with : colons. Ideas and their answers get paranthesized with by new color. WikiForum (not a use here, but on may other wikis) is one page for this, but all discussion sections are in a way too.

Name1, timestamp: idea younger

Name2, timestamp: answer
Name3, timestamp: answer

Name2, timestamp: idea older

Name3, timestamp: answer
Name1, timestamp: answer

or rather completely the other way around, add answers on the top too? (the spacing doesn’t work in this case see in edit mode)

Name3, timestamp: answer
Name2, timestamp: answer

Name1, timestamp: idea, younger

Name1, timestamp: answer
Name3, timestamp: answer

Name2, timestamp: idea, older

started here: WikiUsedForCitizenParticipationOnTheMedia

It is like a snake with a head and claws like a shrimp. It comes over the sky, from the left to the right. It snaps its right claw once. Maybe it is an eel with a shrimp’s head? A Dolphine? Then it all turns back into th venetian evening sky. VotingAintEvil?. Thinking about what when transmitting real-time voting results via rss to other wiki, Bayle, I get dizzy. This is a brain, a new MetaCreature?.

Define external redirect: DrOwl ReligionWiki MetaCreature VotingAintEvil IdeasForNewWikisTestpage

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