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Halo sigi, main li|ber. Dunno if you’re following on oddwiki-hive: recent changes. I copied (some of) the text on a simplified German written language Ken and us made up in summer 2004 on to the Deutsch-einfach-wiki. We should carry on with it, I think. The idea is awfully soupish.

I mean, it’s always two to “program”

  • the software that runs on the hardware of the community
  • the minds that run in the heads of the community

And yes, I desperately need some contributions and critique on the wiki-netified, blikified wikis to find out what works and what not. Yes. Thx.

diese vielen wikis sind nicht mein ding, und natürlich schon gar nicht auf englisch . ein wiki ist für mich von anbeginn an eine gemeinschafts-sache und kein motorrad, das sich jemand anschafft, um dran herumzuschrauben . es geht mir in erster linie um personen . die technik ist unser gemeinsames spielzeug oder auch nicht (und dann immer eine fehlentwicklung) . ein deutsch-einfach-wiki ohne ken und marti hat seinen eigentlichen reiz für mich verloren . ich werde die ken-seite dort trotzdem mal vereinheitlichen und auch die tages-taschen ausprobieren .

ein wirklich interessanter ansatz, eine gruppe zu bilden, ist . sollte man allerdings ins coforum verlegen . dann könnten wir da auch mitmachen .

Relocated from SourceOfEthics

dear benevolent dictator: you know that the rulers of the gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. not so with us. instead, whoever wants to become great among us must be our servant, and whoever wants to be first must be our slave . now, look: there were two men in a certain wiki, one rich and the other poor. the rich man had a very large number of pages, but the poor man was working on his first page . but the rich man said: this is my page and took it away . so, as surely as the lord lives, the man who did this deserves to die! now, what to do ? i propose, that andrew decides, what to do with this page, after getting an earful of our arguments . that would really be the best solution, i think . otherwise i will immediatly leave this page . btw. i don’t see any structure of trust here . if you don’t mean our wiki-tree, can you make a picture of the structure you mean ?

Gelegentlich eckt man an. So geht das.

Nothing is permanent. Not even oddwiki. But for the moment it looks like you’re not welcome on community-wiki by Alex and Lion anymore. I didn’t follow how it happened, was busy with the wiki-net. But it will have been all about “tone”, just as it has been before, I’m pretty sure, something you’ve probably been a bit inflexible about lately. Dunno. I’m sorry about that. Cu on Doitz-ainfac-viki.

Bonjour sigi. Consider I’m not in a WallOfSilence. I try to read here. I used to - and may be still - love provocation, but have learned so lot and still learn from this very friendly group.

Still learning to understand the wikispirit. Lack of time to express, some problems to follow this excitation mixed with barrier-language, my feeling is this CommunityWikiGovernment discussion is - on an emotionally point of view and as an OccasionalContributor and lurker - really funky, accurate, awesome, constructive, interesting and productive for our future WikiNet.

I don’t know you. I cannot understand your emotions and feelings in german. My current opinion is that Lion really deserves -yeah I know I’m a provocateur, but I think it ! - a socialdynamics-BarnStar ?

Networks and trees are complex. Just to tell you I give respect and consider Alex, Bayle, Chris, Emile, Evan, Hans, Helmut, Mark, Mattis, Nicolas, Sam, Sunir, Ted and so many wiki-people here in the WikiNet as friends and RoleModel.

These folks really could help us in France to build future wiki-building-blocks. Still convinced that future multilingual exchanges are full of perspectives.

Therefore, I’d be happy :

  • to know more about you and your objectives here and in the overall wiki-community ?
  • if you could help Mattis to develop the cw german LinkLanguage in the WikiNet
  • to have any exchange on any way to develop LinkLanguage german localization

Think it could be a nice “Pinko-model” to see you coming back here with a RealName. Sigi, don’t hesitate to call me this week-end on my mobile : +33 6 03 96 04 92. Or in any future WikiTing. - Cheers sigi.


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