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This page is intended to implement LionKimbro’s suggestion on PrioritizingOpenSourceProjectInvolvement:

I wish we had a prioritized chart of projects that we were interested in.

Please add new charts if you think of any.


Gosh this PageName is long. Any ideas for a shorter one?

Maybe we could make it less specific – perhaps “CommunityWikiPriority?” or “TopWikiProject?”? The advantage of a nicer name may be worth letting a few non-software projects slip into the list.

Charts of each individual's priorities

Everyone, add your names and personal priorities to the charts here. Some charts (those which list projects that you yourself plan to work on) are only appropriate for developers (people who are documentation writers, programmers, graphic designers, etc, and who plan on contributing those skills to the software projects which they list).

Feel free to limit your charts to things that in your opinion “have to do with” CommunityWiki. For example, BayleShanks isn’t listing neurobiology related programming projects here. DavidCary isn’t listing cardiology related programming projects here.

Individuals' Ranked Priorities: current, major projects

This chart lists “major”1 project that people are currently working on, ranked by those individuals. The columns are people, and the rows are their priority rankings (with “#1” being most important). Each person “owns” the column with their name at the top of it; please don’t change other people’s columns2

Feel free not to list as many projects as there are rows if you don’t have that many major projects.

#1WikiGatewayLocalNamesCoTorDistributingWiki aka fault-tolerant wiki
#3n/a n/a Fax a Sketch
#4n/a n/a n/a
#5n/a n/a n/a

Individuals' Ranked Priorities: current, minor projects

High priority
Medium priority Local Names bookmarklet
Low priority

Individuals' Ranked Priorities: future projects

High priority PICA
Medium priority iCalendar (req. MachineCodeBlocks)RatingGroups
WikiNodes:WikiNodesNetwork? graph rendering (req. MachineCodeBlocks)
InkscapeToOddmuse for new Inkscape a truely VisualWiki – perhaps a pure SVG wiki
PICAa SoftwareBazaar, reducing the overhead that currently makes little 3-hour projects uneconomic.
Low priority WebOfTrustModeration

Individuals' Ranked Priorities: suggested projects for others

To do. A space for each individual to rank projects that they wish someone else would do, but that they have no plans to do themselves.

High priority
Medium priority pure SVG wiki
programmatic read/write Apache configuration
Low priority
get sketches online easily/rapidly; get photos online easily/rapidly; eliminate the Visual:LongImageIncorporationProcess
promote everyone learning a little programming

Charts of communal priorities

What Why Who
High priority
MachineCodeBlockswill likely dramatically affect all wikidom FlorianFesti?
PICAwill accelerate all comm. software development no one right now
WikiGatewaymakes it easier to write software for use w/ any wiki BayleShanks
collaborative editorone of the dots on the i in wiki MattisManzel
Medium priority
Low priority


I suppose “Charts of communal priorities” means: “Stuff that will affect us here in the CommunityWiki.”

I’d go so far as saying that MCB’s are higher priority than WikiGateway, because WikiGateway can be dramatically simplified by the addition of MCB’s.

Specificly: The WikiGateway could read specifications on how to interact w/ a particular type of wiki via MCB’s. The MCB can name the relevant elements of the form for submission, and can describe the various aspects of the wiki’s interface. Then the MCB can be easily customized for any wiki it doesn’t know about with a generic MCB-driven adapter.

Kewl! Didn’t read it yet, just looked a the chart scale, bla, the diagramm above, kewl. I tried something similar, kinda trying to give people a view on what I like and think is important to go on with on this wiki (in this community). It is linked to on my homepage of s23-wiki, s23-wiki: Mattis Manzel as Category: Mattis Manzel. Didn’t update it anymore recently.

I made ranking charts out of some of the textual lists provided by Lion. I figured that the rank ordering of minor and future projects wasn’t too precise, so I just divided things into “high”, “medium”, and “low” priority. I didn’t know what priorities Lion had in mind, so I put everything in “medium” – Lion, please correct that if you see this note :)

Is this a kind of IdeaCauldron? – DavidCary

Yes. – LionKimbro


1. as defined by each programmer; “major” may connote things like a long-term or big project, or a project that the programmer is committed to finishing or maintaining
2. except for spelling mistakes, linking, refactoring, or deletion of the whole column

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