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Summary: "Generation Stuck: Why Don't Young People Move, Anymore?"


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> possibly related to the problem of "stuckness":
> [ "Generation Stuck: Why Don't Young People Move, Anymore?"]

LionKimbro | LionKimbroArchive (2007-01-01) | LionKimbroArchive2 (2009-09-20)

Key interests: PlainTalk, InterCommunityCooperation, VisualLanguage, HiveMind.

Questions I ask (see ThePowerOfQuestions): “How does a given human (or rather, cybernetic) system work? How do we guage the truth an idea? How can I live a life of valor? What can we, as technologists, do to help?”

Work on: this wiki, LocalNames software, MachineCodeBlocks.

Boyfriend of AmberStraub


A WikiSym memory big

This is just one of many photos in my WikiSym 2005 album. You are welcome to copy, use and repost any of them that you find some utility for. --BrandonCsSanders


Hosting MoinMoin

Could you post somewhere some notes on issues you’ve run across with MoinMoin specific to hosting a farm of spaces? This page used to have some notes about Thomas (?) disclaiming the use-case. But I do see a FarmClass? page on the MoinMoin site…

Yes. I’ll do just that.

I was actually thinking about documenting it, since:

  • The farm documentation is really bad (scattered, non-sequential) on the MoinMoin wiki.
  • After you’ve figured it out, the configuration is actually really basic.

Yes, ThomasWaldmann said before that he did not think people should make lots of wiki. I had approached him, and asked him to make something like the OddWiki (before there was an oddwiki.) Thomas said that there shouldn’t be a lot of wiki, and that he wasn’t interested in making it easier to create lots of wiki.

I think this was before he wrote the farm code. I would still like it to be easier, but it is pretty easy to make more wiki now.

The main challenge for me isn’t creating wiki, it’s maintaining them: dealing with migrations, upgrades, and help requests. Upgrades are mandatory due to WikiSpam escalation.

I think that the OddWiki is the ultimate in wiki creation right now. That said, there’s no easy migration path out of the OddWiki yet, that I know of, and the OddWiki is supposed to be just a MotherWiki- eventually the kids are supposed to leave for new homes.

A moin-farm, rather a moin-hive (difference: make a wiki with a click, without someone else deciding if the wiki is welcome) would be great. There already is riters, still running the old moin version. For some reason it’s rather calm there. I remember ThomasWaldmann telling me he’d help if they’d say they wanted to upgrade it. Unfortuneately nobody of those running riters ever said anything.
You can’t make a hit-wiki without producing flop-wikis. Even Picasso practized a bit before painting the Mona Lisa (sry). Do flop-wikis do any harm? I don’t think so.

Right, right. I agree. It was a year ago, or more, last I talked with Thomas about this; he may have changed his mind about this.

Lion, you are a cool dude. Much impressed. Thanks for the opportunity to learn with you. Best, MarkDilley

– Lion what was the PaintingTheShed? idea you had, as compared with the BuildingTheNuclearPowerplant?, people have a lot to say on the shed… is there a link to a page that decsribes this? – best, mark


similar to stuff you’ve been talking about?

Publish-subscribe (or just “pubsub” for short) is a valuable thing, and we could use a lot more of it on the Internet, but: It’s not a specific technology.

“Publish-subscribe” is just a general system for delivering messages. It’s peers are “broadcast,” “anycast,” “point-to-point,” “pull,” things like that.

That is, there’s no such specific technology called “publish-subscribe,” just as there’s no specific technology called “deliver stuff to people.” There’s UPS, and they “deliver stuff to people,” too. IP, the Internet Protocol, also implements the “deliver stuff to people’ technique. If you went to the mayor, and asked him, “Can you show me deliver-stuff-to-people technology,” he would say: “Do you mean the telephone? The post office? The Internet Protocol? Can you be a little bit more specific?”

The wikipedia article is poor, in my personal opinion. They’ve oriented the article entirely with respect to particular computer systems.

In reality, pub-sub is what you’re doing whenever you subscribe to a mailing list, either over the Internet, or in snail mail, for example.

A RecentChangesCamp Memory

“Having exhausted that subject, that group went on to talk briefly about getting designers and artists more involved in Open Source projects, then I turned my back for a few moments to talk with some people about XRI and XDI and then they were recommending someone read Snow Crash and then I glanced away for a moment and then they were deep in a philosophical discussion about the nature of experience. I’m not really sure what happened there.” – Kevin Turner

A small conversation singularity? SmallGroupSingularity? When Kevin turned away, it was mainly just you and Marcus talking, just 2 people. Besides the fact that this particular conversation veered close to talking about the singularity, in general there’s something about small conversations being more efficient for exchanging thoughts and for switching/choosing topics (something GroupMind?y there, especially in the topic choosing process), and so therefore small conversations go faster and get farther away from their original topic. But also you notice that the better a group of people know each other, the harder it is for an outsider to follow along; and since small conversations are efficient, they build SharedContext? quicker, and it becomes harder to follow faster.

In a sense, when a small group of people talks to itself for long enough, they develop a culture and language of their own, and a set of shared ideas (in their group mind?) that may not correspond to ideas shared by the mass culture outside the group. In this sense it is much like a singularity; the more they know each other, the more they are their own little universe; and the better they know each other to begin with, the faster they accelerate towards each other.

It also reminds me of small-scale physics; when you have lots of particles/people, you have lots of momentum and the macroscopic trajectory (in the case of people, choice of topics in the conversation) of the system seems sensible; with a small conversation, the topics flit around more, the same way that individual molecules in a gas bang out crazily.

Agreed. At the EvolutionarySalon, they call that space with it’s properties that’s formed by a group: “TheMiddle?.”

The Technological Singularity!

Hey Lion, I got a kick on how your website sidebar it says:

    * the Singularity

I mean, wow, that’s a lot of knowledge you’re promising me, huh? The total informational content of a mental/technological Singularity? I don’t know if I can even fit that in my brain. I hope you have a good ISP, because I’m going to be using a lot of bandwidth once I click on that link…


It’s actually a very small amount of information, really.

See, it begins a download, and then it starts unpacking itself, and networking with related nodes. The next thing you know, you’re working on collaboration software, and on your way to unpacking the instructions for the next gigantic decyphering…

Heh heh :)

a question

Hey Lion! Did Ray reach you about licenses? What I’m really writing about is It seems to be something CommunityWiki people might want to know about. Should I make it it’s own page with a link to it and my own comments to start off or do the same on a date page or on my name page or what? Hope you’re well!

Something totally different. Here’s a guy that’s going to give away $200,000 using an OpenProcess (ala Meatball). He wants his email to be public (, among other cool ideas.

That’s one for HiveAllocation..!

Notes to Self

Things I’m thinking about. If you can follow along, and it means something to you, great. If not: Hope I write an article on it. I’d do it if I had the time.

that pic of all the interconnected community’s is seriously super cool. do you have any earlier versions still? (I saw one a few days ago).

I just noticed a comment on a page that was recently edited in which you stated that you want to … restrict Corporations… (paraphrasing).

Since it seems to me that Corporations are very poorly understood by many people, and since I have completly reveresed my stance of this subject since ceasing to be an “employee” and becomming an “employer” ( I really, really like the German terms for these concepts which literally translate to “workTaker & workGiver!); I’d like to know if you might be interested in debating this a bit.

Yes; I’d be honored. But I don’t know if I would rightly call it a “debate,” because I’m more undecided than knowing.

Part of the reason that I/we are uncomfortable with Corporations, is because they seem like gigantic entities that control our lives, which we can never create, which we can never actually be part of: Only serve, like living batteries, seen in the matrix.

Further, we have few opportunities to talk about them, strengthening the disconnect.

Since you want to actually talk about this, it goes a big distance to clear that gap. It’s one thing to read the Economist. It’s another thing entirely to actually be invited to talk with one of the people on “the other end.”

This also connects with the point in WhatIsMoney, where you made the spectrum “Survival, Comfort, Legacy.” I realized after reading that, was that I was really interested in (and concerned about,) was freedom. That is, a lot of people are stuck in a particular existence, and capitalism by itself doesn’t necessarily help people move around. I worked in a gas station during the tech slump, and my experience there (and other places) led me to believe: Employers aren’t interested in helping their employees find a better way in life. I would believe much stronger in Libertarian vision if the Libertarians were actually busy teaching people how to get mobile, how to find a new way in life, rather than just saying: “Well, this is ours, and it’d be wrong of you to take it from us,” or something like that. “I got mine, now go get yours.” Liberating, indeed. If Libertarianism is true, (and I’m not convinced that it is,) then a bit of inclusiveness in them would go a long way.

It is the immobility that I perceive as dangerous. (Well, that and the rising personal debt I read about in the newspapers.) Especially in this time of rapid technological change.

So… Probably not communicating this well, but: Yes! I want to hear whatever you have to say. I feel like I’ve been begging faceless society for such a conversation, for ages.

As for the page: The page may have been DemocracyOfGroups. First comment on it. I described reluctance towards corporations. But then explored another option: Instead of chastening corporations, how about empowering the public, instead?

Whatever you have to say, I want to hear it.

possibly related to the problem of “stuckness”: "Generation Stuck: Why Don't Young People Move, Anymore?"

Fragment of a Story

This is a fragment of a story I had running through my head.

It came out of a conversation I had with a coworker at lunch today.

One day in 2020, MattisManzel walked into a room where BayleShanks and LionKimbro were talking.

“And, so, here; let me show you the report…” Mattis watched as Lion’s avatar searched through his pockets while muttering “forbayle… bayle… paper… neuroscience… spinaltap…” The little words fell out of Lion’s mouth in fancy font, before dissipating into nothingness.

Finally, Lion found it. “Ah-hah! Here it is!” Lion pulled out a paper from his pocket, and handed it to Bayle, who pulled it close to his face. Bayle started skimming through the document.

Lion waved briefly to Mattis, who he just noticed had entered the room. Mattis smiled back, and then all eyes turned to Bayle’s reading.

Bayle’s reading was a long ribbon hanging in mid-air before him. Hanging off the side at the top of the ribbon, were the words “University of Washington Cybernetics Division Report on Spinal Column…” blah blah blah blah blah. Two thirds of the way down the length of the ribbon, a thin section was highlighted yellow.

“I’m showing Bayle a paper on some neat UW research I saw the other day,” Lion started.

Bayle spoke with partial attention- “Yeah, just… this section on…”

Lion tapped the highlighted section, and Mattis and Lion looked at a blow-up: Bayle was looking at some diagrams of vertebrae and computer parts.

“Here, let’s all look at this, actually,” Bayle said. Mattis and Lion said “OK,” and the section Bayle was looking at popped up in a new window, which Mattis and Lion then maximized. Crosshairs flitted about as Mattis, Lion, and Bayles eyes darted over the page.

“Here, let’s zoom in on this diagram.” Bayle was looking at a particular part, and Lion and Mattis looked over to match his crosshairs.

“This is a (blah blah blah.)” (Bayle, I’m afraid you’re going to have to fill in suitable language and motivation, here.)

As Bayle rambled on, Mattis & Lion’s attention loosened somewhat. Some other people were here, too, looking at another part of the document. Lion glanced at who they were: Some of the researchers from the UW department in question, working on a portion of the model. One of them noticed Lion’s glance, and waved.

Suddenly, all eyes turned to Bayle, who had suddenly stopped.

A small email had just flown from the skies in front of him. He picked up the email, which was opaque. “Hold on, just a minute,” and he started reading. His eyes were focused on the email, unmoving, but his muttering gave away some of the contents: “…friends departure, … unfortunate… but, good times,…” Bayle turned the email around, to face us. The email opened up, and the contents stood bare. “Alex can’t make it, something’s come up.”

“What is it?” Mattis asked.

“He’s going to see a friend who’s leaving, that he hasn’t seen in person in a while.”

“Oh, that’s cool.”

Mattis tapped a picture on the email, and a picture of Alex and some stranger blew up. “Good for him!”

“Wait a second-” Lion spoke up.

He checked out the email, and then clicked on some words in it. “It looks like he’s going to be States-side, Bayle!”

“Wait- where is everybody, right now?”

This just came out of a conversation I had at lunch. I don’t have a plot, I don’t have character motivation, just some UserInterface plumbing imaginations.

Notable omissions:

Other things I want to show:

The question of timing is an interesting one.

It seems to me that raw computation power is growing far faster than user interface developments. I have great difficulty imagining how the software to support the kind of exchange described in the above story can possibly be written in a mere 15 years. User Interfaces today in 2006 are only a small qualitative improvement over user interfaces from 1991. There were Macintoshes in those days, and the basic boxy GUI paradigm seems to be pretty much today what it was then. There have been incremental improvements: programs can multitask now, and you can reliably copy and paste between environments in sophisticated ways on proprietary systems. But beyond that, there hasn’t been a whole lot happening. Far more exciting are the developments in mixed reality and input devices (multitouch, projection display, etc., etc.,) and that only serves to further our point: software user interface is changing at a glacial pace.

The big innovation in user interface seems to be to use the browser as a platform for distribution. Zero installation. And yet our user interface paradigms are still the same, just less functional, because we’re working out cross-network copy and paste. The radical ideas in the story seem far away, and 2020 does not seem like a good target.

Because of this, I predict that there will be a breakthrough in collaboration process.

The pressure exerted by SecondLife will be unbearable. The pressure exerted by subsystem capabilities (trivially easy 3D, hardware technology to support it, and radically new input devices) will be very strong.

The subsystems capabilities will threaten the plausibility of the UI technologies that are growing much too slowly. If it’s easier to just draw letters in space 1x1 that everyone can see in a 3D environment, that will force a change of thinking on the application designers and innovation adopters.

The reasoning, which I am poorly articulating, is something along the lines of: “Is it conceivable that we will still be using our low-tech IRC and occasional experiments with Gobby, after the AI singularity has occured?” If not, then we can plausibly reason backwards: “When the AI singularity has occured, there will have been a few years before a major shift in our communications tools.” If you feel confident (for some weird reason) that an AI singularity is coming soon, then it would be reasonable to believe that communication tools would change soon, too.

I do not believe an AI singularity event will happen by 2020. But I do believe that 3D graphics hardware will become near-ubiquitous, that Internet access will become near-ubiquitous, that desktop computers will sport 100’s of processors on them, that mobile phones will be super-powerful, that most of us will augment our speech and hearing and reading with devices, and that we will have always-on portable displays with us, and positioning. Mixed reality will happen, and it’s going to be neat.

So I think that, somehow, they will drag user interface technology, kicking and screaming, if need be, into somewhere not-here.

It’s entirely conceivable to me that there will be a breakthrough system, similar in subjective experience and adoption to the web browser (“oh! wow! look, pictures! And you can put your own stuff on it!”), and that it will substantially change how we write programs for collaboration. I would, frankly, be surprised if it were not the case.

Rant ends.

WikiNode project ?

Bonjour Lion. Just discovered your last diagram on PayExpected and think I’ll translate it to PayeAttendu?. It could be an interesting subject to open for Overcrowded a fresh new wiki born to drive free innovation for all (initiated by OlivierAuber and YannLeGuennec with FranceTelecom?’s research). I don’t know well the Overcrowded’s MissionStatement but a first visit and the guys behind let me think we could have a very good french initiative case of wiki-exchange between large organizations, free-software activists, universities, independant researchers… etc. I installed a WikiNode (and mentioned your name) this afternoon. But could not access on the official website WikiNodesProject? to have the official WikiNodePattern? ? Lion, I’d be happy to get some official french pages coming from the wikinodes project :-) So if you have one minute, feel free to introduce you in english and correct this new wiki-node page. Have a nice week-end.

WikiNodes wiki back online. {:)}=

The WikiNodes wiki could use some simplification; If you do translations, please, just do the major pages- the FAQ is perhaps the most important page so far.

Merci Lion. Will check and finish wikinodes:questions souvent posées quite soon. It will help. ?

Hi Lion!, I’ve been looking around here, and noticed that links to wikis (like “Visual” and “Futures”) hosted at link: seem to be unreachable. For some reason, I was under the impression that these were wiki sites initiated/hosted by you. So, that is why I am posting this here. Just wondered what happened to these sites, or if the links need to be fixed, perhaps? -SamRose

Yes; I host those sites, and I’ve fixed everything up.

Awesome! Thanks for the update!


Sorry about cluttering your home page with this but, the email I copied you on ‘bounced’ (probably because the attachment was 52 pages of ‘essay’ by NealStephenson titled “In the beginning was the Command Line”). Furthermore, I am still unsure about posting on the CommunityWikiBank page since I remain unclear as to the implications of Alex’s statements about the ‘direction’ he wants for cw.

I suspect you’ve come across it before since you are a SnowCrash fan, so I did not bother appending it. If you don’t have a copy, just ask and I’ll point you to a repository. (I’m not sure how this was sourced, since it was recently forwarded to me and I’m not sure about its copyright status, yet.)

You would have found the distribution list for the email interesting since it included developers of my vintage who were all involved with the Bank’s systems and now live spread literally around the world. (Asia, Europe, and North America.)

I’m looking forward to their feedback, given some of the initial “Shock And Awe” that has already trickled back.

Regards, Hans

One of the main points that the attached essay by Neal Stephenson makes is that free OSes are not just free, they are actually better. It also presents compelling supporting arguments as to why this is so. A bit of logical extension suggests …

The Bank Of Montreal’s MECH system was an amazing accomplishment. Clearly, the people that are now there are not capable of replicating such an undertaking. I suspect they have very few alternatives, other than to “buy”, surrendering forever the unique position they painstakingly exploited during the last four decades. One option would be to ‘sponsor’ or otherwise encourage the development of an OpenSource Banking system.

Perhaps it’s time for me to attend one of their annual meetings and ask a Shareholder’s question.

Enjoy the read, Hans.

Hey Lion, I am going to ask RossMayfield if we can re use his graphic and table from his paper for the EcosystemOfNetworks page here. For now, i am going to start writing it, though.

Happy Birthday Mr. Kimbro. I whish I knew where you’re active these days, months, … Just made up the “who cares here?”-feed - Mattis-Manzel-wiki: who cares here?

Mattis, thank you so much for the Happy Birthday; I needed it..! :)

Lately, I’ve been most active at work – I have a new job, and it’s definitely more demanding than my old one. I work far more intensely and for many more hours than I used to! Which, is in some ways good, in some ways bad.

When I’m not at work, I’m struggling with Local Names, housework, or bad habits!

Now, this said, I’m trying to make more time for the online world, to “get back to where I was.”

If you look at my blog, you can see some of my recent posts.

I’m always uncertain about whether to post here, or to my blog. If I post to my blog, I can write about things such as Sakura, Amber, listening to music, a map of my life, personal insights, and so on.

When I post here, I try to write more generally, about ideas of general interest, and so on.

I very much wish we had VirtualPresence technology today; It makes me week that we don’t.

As it is, I am working on the very primitive and basic LocalNames.

I hold it as an article of faith that, with time, someone will champion (something like) the PersonalLogServer, or whatever other technologies we need to pull this off.

Otherwise, I’m afraid, it’s just going to be me, doing this very lonely, for a very long time..!

Happy birthday Lion! :)

Happy Birthday. I sincerely hope things are going well for you and that you are enjoying the new job. Personally, I’ve always found it essential to derive pleasure from my work. After all, it does consume most of one’s time. All the best.

Happy Birthday! [1] :)

HA! Thank you! :)

(Looks like I am late, but none the less) Happy Birthday Lion!

Happy birthday!--yesterday?

Hmm. Very interesting reaction of the community… continued on WikiBirthday


Bonjour Lion. I’d be happy to have a WikiTing or any skype-talk with you, SamRose, HansWobbe and anybody here interested to speak of the idea of ProjectSpace to help on our MeatBall:BarCampBank ? Would you be available to join us here ?

Shoot! I appreciate the invitation, but 14:00PST doesn’t work for me; I was at work. I get home ~19:30PST.

Sorry Lion. I’ve tried to sum up the discussion on a barcamp-page. It was a pleasure to hear SamRose with brilliant ideas about WikiVenture?. You could also access to video-chat-conversation archive ? How about you now suggest another experience : You are our guest. Just indicate what could be your date and hour in PST and we will follow you in GMT ? Think it could be could for our GeekHealth to let us sleep one day or two. ProjectSpace could really enter one of our topic listed in our future barcampbank:mission-statement. Cheers. – ChristopheDucamp

Thank you, Christophe! So very kind!

WEEKENDS ARE GREAT! I can meet just about any time on a weekend.

Evenings 19:30-23:00 PST work as well. :)

Yes, sounds like ting to me, The world clock meeting planner is a big name at least. We’ll need such. 19:30 to 23:00 PST is 10:30 to 14:00 CET, I think.


I’m not sure that this reference is germain to your current thoughts on “ethics” but its one of a few pages that are currently ‘in play’ at TheAdjunct.

Quickly Stashing Some Code...

 parser Statements:
     ignore:      '\\s+'
     token ID:    '[a-zA-Z-]+'
     token STR:   '"(.+?)"'
     rule node:   STR  {{ return STR }}
                | ID   {{ return ID }}
     rule concrete:   node  {{ return node }}
                    | context  {{ return context }}
     rule alts:  concrete  {{ result = [concrete] }}
                   concrete  {{ result.append(concrete) }}
                 )*  {{ return result }}
     rule stmt:  alts  {{ L = [alts] }}
                   alts  {{ L.append(alts) }}
                 {{ return L }}
     rule stmts:  stmt  {{ L = [stmt] }}
                    stmt  {{ L.append(stmt) }}
                  {{ return L }}
     rule context: "\\(" stmts "\\)"  {{ return stmts }}
     rule end: stmts "END" {{ return stmts }}

Relocated from SourceOfEthics

Sigi, I invite your comment on ConversationProcess.

  • If you have ideas for a name for Andrew’s page, please list them here.
  • If you have an idea on how to split this page, please describe it here.
  • There is already a trust structure here, made by personal decisions.

Sigi, the only reason you are still here is because we are incapable of locking you out.

You have no real role, on the CommunityRoles diagram: You oscillate too quickly between resonance and AntiAuthoritarian dissonance, welcome and unwelcome. Perhaps you would like to now solidly and firmly peg yourself into DifficultPerson.

I think the main reason you are still here is because:

  • we value MattisManzel, who likes you
  • you occasionally say something very interesting
  • because you are very persistent about commenting here, despite being obviously unwanted
  • we rely on SoftSecurity: and the advantages of letting anybody in (AndrewHoerner, for instances) outweigh the advantages of keeping you out

The last- our reliance on SoftSecurity- may change with time, as necessary.

I keep hoping you figure something out, about CliquesAndCommunity?, but you seem to me religiously obsessed with ending all hierarchy, forever, everywhere, and forcing conversation that is unwanted, by severe pestering.

All pages you make here are unwelcome. It is not a matter of your number of pages, it is a matter of we do not want to talk with you.

Go make a wiki of your own. Talk with people on it. You don’t have to envision yourself a slave. If I want to talk with you, I will meet you there, provided you want to talk with me. But you cannot force a conversation with people who do not want to talk with you.


Hi, dear Lion: Do you agree with the suggestion (on my homepage) of Hans , to factor out y/our contributions about Diigo questions to an additional page. There is so much to say about it, that it really deserves a page DiigoAnnotations or something like that. – FridemarPache

Yes, please; Feel free.

Thank you. I’ve done it. – fp

Ussh, harsh words to sigi. Lion, me good wiki-friend: you’re a visionary twen. I’m into visions myself and I’m 46 (at the moment). And I’m quite a beast already due to the time remaining. Sigi likes to vision, is over 60 and doesn’t mean to hurt, he’s just … impatious. K?

LuigiBertuzzi is not a youngster himself (hi Luigi), we need them- As much as we need women of all ages. To make part.

Love and peace to all … aren’t we here to unite, join ressources and enjoy synergies.

By the way, your code listing on this page looks great. That inspired me to list the intermediary code for my baby Midi2Kb in this or some special purpose OddMuse Wiki, that would have to be generated yet. As it builds on free software, evolving in three different communities, and will be itself free (in the spirit of this CommunityWiki), I would love to demonstrate, how useful non-distructive web annotations on it may be. In the annotation phase, I envision, how a gradient field of possible changes and documentation is generated by social annotations. For reasons of social symmetry I suggest to factor this statement out to DiigoAnnotations – FridemarPache social annotations

O:DfxMapping - an invite to a “sneak preview”. (I’ve launched this with the ‘help’ Tag. Use “Eira”, “Demo”, … - there are already a great many others.) It’s obviously possible to share ‘secret’ (decoder) Tags, and we are already integrating PKI (the Public component of a Key pair, as well as Certificates. If you are really productive in the near future, I’ll give you the Key to the Swiss lockbox that I am building to convert $Linden to $US as part of the CommunityWikiBank.Foreign.Exchange department. What exchange rate do you think we should offer at the start?

This may also provide a bit of a helpful Introduction - LionHelp

P.S. “xmas” is the only Christmas Card I’m sending out this year. Enjoy. Time is short.

Lion, are you working at work, or wikking? >:| -Kitty

Wiki. ;)


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