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No numbers, I forgot where they are. There is an icreddible small number of people owning an increddible part of all "money", while the majority owns quasi nothing (250000 people own 15% of all money, something like that, correct please. "laws and taxes", who made these? People or the banking systems? There is no way to collaborate with this system, it won't do nothing but try to buy everyone it can't kill. Sorry. The eTerra woud have a decisive difference to conventional money. Everybody would at every time know how much there is of it. Two groups of scientist talk about an aquarium. Which group makes the more precise assumtions: those who know how much water is in it, or those who do not know?

Mattis, let's make a thought experiment. Tomorrow we stop all money production (national banks), count all money to get an exact sum (remember: thought experiment) and keep that stable into eternity. No other changes are done to the current economic system. What would change to the better? – The answer is: nothing, quite to the contrary. The existing money distribution would even become more significant. Printed money in effect reduces the value of existing money creating some kind of inflation, primarily making money-rich persons less rich.

The psychological advantage of an eTerra is that it seems controllable. But this is a illusion. In a global community, how does an African peasant have access to a virtual eTerra? What can he offer, how can he communicate? If he isn't part of the money community, he is in fact excluded from the system and those who have the eTerra monopoly decide about the eTerra-value of his work or his offerings. The question is: will those that control the eTerra care for him? Of course, it feels better to be in control, to have the power, the eTerra. But how does it ensure fairness? The unfaltering question always is and will be: will those that control the resources care for those that have none? Are we willing to share some of our relative wealth with that African peasant? If yes, how much? In a situation where he is working? Or starving? Or getting 10 children? How do we organize and perceive us as a community together with him?

There is no technical (physical) way to solve this problem. Life is a social phenomenon beyond physics. Physics means "objects follow forces" - unquestioned immediate advantage. Life is about having the choice to include a projected future in our present decisions or not. Alternatives. Without thinking about the future there is no cooperation and no social organization. In the world of technology and physics the future doesn't exist as a force. Only a mind can transform a vision of future into a force. Only minds can make fair decisions. Only a society is able to ensure transparency and define and expect fairness. – HelmutLeitner

The thought experiment. You can not count existing money without doing fundamental changes on how it is organized. You can not claim that doing so nothing would change, as the thought experiment is impossible. Even just thought it is impossible. Nobody knows anymore how much money there is and there is no way to find out. Corrupt people destroyed a basically useful idea. It has to be recreated on a basis of trust.
Sure, the african peasant needs a cellphone that zie can:

  • telephone with
  • do and receive payments with
  • take part on global voting with
  • write in wiki with
  • do a couple of other useful things with that will be fun listing later ;)

thought experiment: if money would be stable in the compounded interest economy, in a short time 90% were deeply indebted and the system would crash. inflation doesn't make rich people less rich, because they increase prices. their wealth grows more slowly, but the crash cames exactly the same. between roast and grill, what's better now? --sigi

some newer discussion is on DiscussionMultilingue.


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