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< As for here -- the cost of keeping it up is primarily ''psychic,'' though there is spam to contend with, always.


> As for here -- the cost of keeping it up is primarily ''psychic,'' though there is spam to contend with, always.[ funny quotes] [ funny jokes] [ divorce attorney] [ hilarious quotes] [ dental implants]

Portrait Mathematician by training, programmer by profession, engineer at heart.

I’m married with two children, and currently reside in Iceland.

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Lion, I am saddened by recent (September 2009) events at Meatball – it sounds like some old wounds have been re-opened. I hope that in time the wounds will heal and that you will once again be welcomed back. Meanwhile, please note that I welcome communication from you, in whatever form it may take. – NathanielThurston

I appreciate your kind comment; But don’t be sad. Nothing substantial is broken, nothing has happened; I respect SunirShah, and I perceive that SunirShah respects me. Just when he and I talk directly with each other, it doesn’t work, and the plates magically start breaking on their own, and the crystal shatters itself.

Just do what everyone else does – which is basically, to participate on both CommunityWiki and MeatballWiki. When you are on MeatballWiki, respect the MeatballMission, SunirShah’s leadership, and the goal. It is a good goal, and it’ll do great things for the Internet and for the world.

As for CommunityWiki – it is much more ambiguous, what purpose will be served, if any. But it is an ambiguity I am content to carry for now.

Lion, I’m not fretting, it’s only that I find it unfortunate that you and Sunir were unable to communicate directly. It seems like it’s easy for you both to forget your own principles when speaking with the other. – NathanielThurston

Hmm, maybe you have a point, and the real trouble is that you’re both extremely principled men with very similar principles, but when you meet directly, you wind up in violent disagreement about where your principles differ. Personally, I prefer for the community not to have an explicit goal (that ambiguity will sort itself out); but also not to worry too much about defining terms, so I guess you could say I belong somewhere in-between the community wiki and meatball.

Welcome to the wiki. ;)

I visited the collective problem solving wiki, and saw a curious note about inactivity and deletion. Is there some obvious explanation for this?

It was a very long time ago that we collaborated, briefly on that. Some projects stick, but most do not; Heck, we’re talking about closing down CW as we speak.

Interesting. It might be a good idea to leave it around, as an example to show to would-be collective problem-solvers (such as myself with TheThing?/├×ingi├░) – provided that the cost of leaving it up and dormant is sufficiently low.

Are you talking about the collective problem solving wiki, or CommunityWiki?

The collective problem solving wiki belongs to KeithHopper; We haven’t had contact with him in, I’d say, over a year.

As for here – the cost of keeping it up is primarily psychic, though there is spam to contend with, always.funny quotes funny jokes divorce attorney hilarious quotes dental implants


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