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< This wiki has several, actually; see RecentNearChanges, RecentFarChanges, RecentFarChangesEnglishOnly, and ModificationsRécentesDeProximité (fr).


> This wiki has several, actually; see RecentNearChanges, RecentFarChanges, RecentFarChangesEnglishOnly, WikiNetHiveChanges and ModificationsRécentesDeProximité (fr).

Unified RecentChanges is a wiki feature that allows you to see Changes from many wikis on one single RecentChanges page - a simple UnifiedCommons for RecentChanges.


This wiki has several, actually; see RecentNearChanges?, RecentFarChanges, RecentFarChangesEnglishOnly, WikiNetHiveChanges and ModificationsRécentesDeProximité (fr).

See also ChangeAggregator.

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WikiGateway could serve as a backend for UnifiedRecentChanges features; you could ask WikiGateway to collect RecentChanges from a target wiki, and WikiGateway will have subroutines that screen scraped or used RSS, as appropriate for the target wiki’s particular WikiEngine. So far it has screen scraping subroutines for UseMod and ModWiki support for UseMod; soon MoinMoin will be added, and contributed subroutines for other WikiEngines are being sought.

Perhaps we are wrong about HubAndSpokeWikis. Perhaps it does work. We’ve just got stuff in our way.

Why aren’t WikiFeatures and VisualWiki integrated with CommunityWiki’s RecentChanges page?

It’s because it makes it take longer to load RecentChanges.

It’s because it makes it take longer to load RecentChanges.

Well, that’s simple to fix.

It’s called caching.

Alex? Thoughts?

I think that if our view stretched out to WikiFeatures and VisualWiki, then we wouldn’t be reluctant to use them, for lack of CommunityWiki review.

Yep, RSS caching is on my list of things to do. Will make this one a priority.

I have two more requests:

  • RecentNearChanges? and RecentFarChanges should support screening for languages. Specifically, I think that there should be a way for to screen local pages for language just like in RecentChanges1, and in addition for the user to specify WHICH remote wikis get included (this way they could simply not include remote wikis with languages they don’t know).
  • RecentFarChanges should get a link at the top of CommunityWiki next to RecentNearChanges?.

I usually read RecentNearChanges? but these days I often find myself clicking on RecentChanges when there is a lot of non-English in CommunityWiki’s recent changes. I tried out RecentFarChanges but there’s too much non-English stuff for me.

Maybe you can create your own favorite RecentFarChangesEnglishOnly or something. We’ll iron out any problems we may have with language filtering, and then I’ll add those RSS feeds to the prefetching.

I really like the idea of being abe to ‘create my own’.

It seems to me that an ideal solution would be to have a set of (metaData?) tags on a recent changes entry for a source wiki, that could be used to filter the incomming RssFeed? streams. With a bit of common XML effort, I should even be able to create personal aliases, and my own preferred formats. This could evolve into a personalized client-side, composite of a number of the wikis that I participate in.

Building on that, I might subsequntly re-serve my views of the assembled material to others that I think would like to share my perspective (Weltanshauung - by the way, does anyone know of a good English - German dictionary URL?).

Heck, if I don’t stop extrapolating this, I’ll end up writing a recipe for OneBigSoup or creating a set of HubAndSpoke wiki blueprints.

I highly recommend LEO for German-English and German-French: http://dict.leo.org/?search=weltanschauung

In my Firefox I can just type leo weltanschauung into the address bar to get the result I need.

I think the common XML effort already exists: ModWiki. You just need to add to it (eg. category tags, language tags), or document how to use existing RSS or RDF features to indicate what you mean.

Thanks, Alex, I didn’t realize (or maybe had forgotten?) that it was that easy to create mix-and-match RecentChanges on OddMuse.

OK, now I get RSS parsing failed for http://onebigsoup.wiki.taoriver.net/moin.cgi?action=rss_rc: Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -1 at /usr/share/perl5/XML/RSS.pm line 1364. on RecentFarChangesEnglishOnly.

Since I use XML::RSS I don’t think there’s much I can do about it unless it is a general problem involving character encoding or something like that. Have you tried http://feedvalidator.org/? On my side I am unable to reach taoriver.net for hours every day; I’m assuming being unable to reach the server would cause the error you saw.

Thanks, Alex; both for the LEO recommendation and for reminding me of ModWiki.

Sorry for this probably naive question : Are RecentNearChanges? and RecentFarChanges finaly delivering RSS feeds?

They are similar to wiki-net changes on soome oddwikis which is composed of different changes-feeds from different wikis. So no, RecentNearChanges? do not deliver a feed, they are built from feeds being delivered from elsewhere. Am I right?

Thanks Mattis. If CW doesn’t provide a RecentNearChanges? RSS feed, it may be built by using Xfruits: RecentNearChangesRss, and visualized by the WikiNetAggregator like this. In this case, colors are not people, but words or pages names. Feel free to add some new ones!


1. if this is already possible, tell me how!

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