WikiMeet 2021-03-06

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Summary: EditOnTop, word diff


> [[image:Word Diff Example Screenshot]]

5 people have come:


Timepoof shares a cool python script We talked about implicit linking (such as CamelCase) -

tme5 discusses and the WikiRevival

DanInSpace shows us how to use Ctrl+Enter to report errors on sites

Timepoof shows us TvTropes? UI:

Looking up syntax can be annoying - WYSIWIG or syntax cheatsheets on edit page are nice

tme5 says that not all wikis are dead:

It seems popular wikis are either edit-restricted or somewhat “encyclopedic” (Wikipedia [1], Wikia/Fandom). Though “idea wikis” still exist, such as ncatlab

TimurIsmagilov shows us MycorrhizaWiki:

Discussed XanaduProject and bidirection linking/transclusion

WardCunningham has some secret plans for people to not read WikiWikiWeb and migrate to FedWiki. What a tricky guy he is!

Only Dan and Timur has started with camera on, Timur has turned it off later due to connection problems, Dan turned it off so as not to stand out.


SpacedRepitition, [[Anki?]], [ SuperMemo?]. (Russian), (French)

TimurIsmagilov reads articles from his RSS feeds, gets quotes and writes them down to either CyberRachel or a different wiki that shall not be named here.

After tme5 has left, we started speaking Russian. Timepoof showed us around the UniversityOfBayes?.

new: 2021-03-06 12:03 UTCAlex Schroeder: The location of the edit button was put at the bottom with the vague idea that people are encouraged to read all of the page before editing to add a comment. See EditOnTop for some discussion.

new: 2021-03-06 12:03 UTCAlex Schroeder: Word diffs: Oddmuse does two level diffs: First line diffs to identify chunks, then for each “changed” (i.e. not for “added” and “deleted”) chunk it takes the old and new version, and does a word diff (actually it changes spaces to newlines and does another diff in order to identify added and deleted words, and then it highlights those).

Word Diff Example Screenshot


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