Welcome to the Oddmuse Zen Garden!

This site shows you how you can add themes to your Oddmuse wiki.

Sadly, you can no longer try the styles by clicking on the pictures: the default security settings of your browsers should prevent this (using a resource from a different site).


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Originally from Earle Martin, as seen on Mu License, Adapted by Alex Schroeder for Oddmuse.

Alex’s changes available under the Mu License:

 If you are asking what license this is released under, you are asking the wrong question.


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The default stylesheet for Wabi Sabi Wiki, adapted to Oddmuse. Not that there’s much to adapt at 40 lines of CSS.


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For all those who feel nostalgic about the old amber Wyse terminals and their unique look and feel.


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A style based on the Tango icon set, a proof of concept, a style that uses icons everywhere you could possibly put them, and in some places you couldn’t too. Of course it’s a little exaggerated, overloaded with all the graphics. It consists with multiple CSS files that are included in the main tango.css – you can enable and disable features by adding or removing the includes.

Note: This theme uses some advanced style techniques and therefore looks a little worse in web browsers hat have poor CSS support. It should be still usable, though, the differences mainly include some missing icons, different spacing, etc.


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Based on the WikioStyle. Originally from Earle Martin, as seen on Mu License, Adapted by Alex Schroeder for Oddmuse.

Alex’s changes available under the Mu License: “If you are asking what license this is released under, you are asking the wrong question.”


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A plain and clear minimalistic style, previously used for author’s home page, now released for the public.

Note: The justified paragraphs don’t look good with every content. The original site also had the goto bars disabled.


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A bright style with washed colors.


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A simple style with orange goto bars.

Note: This style is not complete. You will probably need to add some style on your own to make it work perfect.


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This style is used by default on the http://www.oddmuse.org site.

It has support for most features available in Oddmuse wiki engine.


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For those who don’t like both pastels or strong colors.


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Small and cute, for all those wikis with little small but heavily linked pages.


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A style based loosely on motives of console role playing games, including the characteristic white text on ble background, rounder white frames and a hand-like cursor.

Note: The rounded corners only work in Gecko-based browsers. The theme looks best without a logo.


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Dark, white on navy blue, seriously-looking style. Looks best when there is some logo.


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Brass and pool table green. Includes lots of decorative dingbats in non-MSIE browsers.

Note: No logo or sidebar, even if your site has them enabled.


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A blue-themed style, with fixed width and a nice flowery header, sports a large right margin for your images and/or sidebar.

Note: No logo. Even if your wiki has a logo, it will be hidden.


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Red on white, with some shaded menus and gears in the masthead.


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Simplistic style, created with the beginning wiki users in mind. It features a huge banner telling how to edit the pages. This style is based on some ideas from folks at http://wikiohana.org site and channel.

Note: The banner may look suboptimal in browsers that don’t support transparency in PNG files (although it’s still usable).


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A dark theme, originally used for a web site about zombies (no longer online).


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CMS-like style, good for wikis with a lot of complicated content.

Note: Not all icons will show in Microsoft Internet Explorer, at least until they fix their CSS support.


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It’s blue.


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White style with some nice icons for actions and blocky headings.

Note: No goto bars and sidebar.


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It’s beige and red.


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Adapted for Oddmuse by Alex Schroeder

Based on the dusty brown theme for wordpress by Noufal Ibrahim <nkv at hcoop dot net>


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Modification of the PastelStyle for those, who prefer strong colors.