Upload your own style

There are two ways. If your style is just a single css file, you can add it as a page in this wiki. Then create a page with title ending in ‘Style’ and put the description of your style and a link to it on that page.

If the style also includes images, then it’s most comfortable to put it on some external sever, and just link to it from the description page. You can also put the images on some public site like Flickr and link to them (using absolute URLs) from your style sheet.

You don’t have to include detailed descriptions and screen shots right away – you can add them later, or even other people can do that.

Get the Password

Wiki spam has forced me to lock this wiki down. Please send me an email and ask me for an edit password. I’ll be happy to provide one! → Mail Alex Schroeder.


Remember: We would like to have all the CSS and all the images on this site so that other people can profit. All contributions should be either Public Domain or be available under a free license.

Users must be free to use, copy, modify, and distribute your work.