ActivityPub is a protocol for federated social networks. It is widely used in FediVerse and is blessed by the W3C.

It is based on idea of inboxes and outboxes.

You can read its standard. It’s not long and can be understood in a reasonable time.

Implementations: Mastodon, [[Pleroma?]], and many others.

TimurIsmagilov: I think it can be applied to wikis. As part of WikiRevival, of course. Ward’s SmallestFederatedWiki uses something else, right?

I’m not sure what do we put into inbox, but we can share pages and recent changes through outbox!

And once a wiki engine implements ActivityPub, we can join the FediVerse! It’s so exciting. I want to add that to MycorrhizaWiki, it would fit the name really well.


Fascinating. Reminds me of the PersonalLogServer. I’ll need to review the standard to get a sense of it’s basic capabilities.

Alex Schroeder: I often wonder what DecentralizedWiki actually means, as it seems to me that one would use Activity Pub to add federation, in other words, to enable decentralisation.


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